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Adobe systems

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Adobe, Adobe systems

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Discussion on Java Programming in .NET
SANTA CRUZ, USA: The .Net Compact Framework and Java ME top the list of platforms being targeted today by wireless developers, according to a survey of 384 professional developers working on wireless apps conducted by Evans Data Corporation last month. Forty-two percent were targeting each platform. Linux and Windows Mobile 6.0 trailed behind, while Android and Mac OS were being targeted by fewer developers than any other major platform with only 7 percent of wireless developers creating any ap
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now .net framework supports cross platforms so .net'd be able to overshadow JAVA. 
Debates in "Adobe systems"
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Referred by Abhinav Srivastav, Business Manager, Adapt Software  | 4 years ago
Is cross selling easier than first time selling? (Easier in terms of revenue generation)
122 referals, 10 arguments, 53 views
Referred by Smita Dalvi, Sales/BD Manager, Hewlett-Packard  | Topic:  How to Manage your Web Presence?  | 5 years ago
Twitter which completely changed the face of social networking with its micro-blogging, was way much simpler and only a year ago the conventional wisdom was that blogs were dead and microblogging would soon replace them. Twitter was supposed to kill...
Idea Contests in "Adobe systems"
Referred by Inani Sarkar, Sales/BD Manager, Aricent  | 4 years ago
Whilst energy management has been popular in larger buildings for a long time, it has only recently started catching on in homes. Most homeowners aren't even aware of the term, and take more of a haphazard, flying-blind approach to reducing their...
Referred by Ruchi Chawla, Associate/Sr. Associate -(Technical), Cisco Systems  | 4 years ago
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday asked civil servants to use information technology (IT) to fight corruption and ensure that the poor get equitable benefits of the government's developmental schemes. Recently we have seen that documents have...
Trends and Insights in "Adobe systems"
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Referred by Radhakrishna Marar, Business Analyst, Oracle  | 5 years ago
Now that its available, my first experiences with Microsoft Bing lead me to a simple, inescapable conclusion, "So what?" I had imagined that something as widely hyped as Bing would be a life-changing experience. It wasn't. Not even close. It is not...
Commented by Rohini Kaushal, HR Executive, Etech, Inc pvt ltd  | Topic:  Network Management  | 5 years ago
Hi Abhishek, Thanks for shedding light on this prospect. Regards, Rohini.
Q & A in "Adobe systems"
Answered by Ramdas Pawar, Sales/BD Manager, Flex  | Topic:  Proactive and Result-Oriented Search Engine Marketing  | 5 years ago
i don't think there will be no competition for Google in some decades to come, till something new comes which will uproot Google from its top position right now, so i don't think MS search engine Bing will cause a problem for google....
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