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Corporate Presentation - Do's and Don'ts

all about making the corporate presentatino s. clinch that deal.. here


corporate presentation. power point, seminars, discussions

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Topic of the week :  The Art of Digital Branding     Go to Topic
The Art of Digital Branding will be in-depth, informed, and insightful...
Interactive Marketing on web Vs Search Engine Marketing
Today in this recession period both local international brands are in tremendous competition to survive in the market. Every brand is trying thier best creative power to hit the markets. Today's branding are done through social marketing, emerging media etc. I would like to share an intresting presentation, please go through share your comments on it. BY: Vellyslav Petrov BRANDING trends and friends in 2009 View more documents from Vellyslav Petrov .
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Argument added by Shahnawaz Islam, PR & Media Relations Manager, National Institute of Smart Governance  | Topic:  Leading and Managing People  | 4 years ago
I'll begin my argument by quoting the definition of lazy (taken from -- lazy [ˈleɪzɪ] adj lazier , laziest 1. not inclined to work or exertion   (defined as "inactivity resulting from a dislike of work") So...
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Argument added by SR Sham Sunder, CEO/MD/Director Technoaid  | Topic:  Innovative Ideas and Creativity  | 4 years ago
I have often found myself responding quite quickly in a group.  It is not always, that I go very deeply in thought to find a solution.  However, I have the practice of going deep into a topic to find a solution.  Look at toostep, it is not often that...
Argument added by manju dagar, News Anchor/TV Presenter, Time Today  | 5 years ago
I really agree with all whom fever to poem or not .Ya right our Indian poems or poets are also good.That was not my mean ...I just want to express my feelings regarding this poem....See a poet never fix with a one country .Whole world is his home so...
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Referred by gayathri, Cust. Service Executive, necco  | 5 years ago
Dear HR managers,admin managers,agm,gm,financial managers,,hai every body. i am gayathri residing velachery with my beautiful mother[ classical dancer ]. i am working as a customer service excecutive in necco solutions chennai.i want to be a very good...
Referred by Vikas G. Chaudhari, Sr. Design Engineer, Engineering Firm  | 5 years ago
Are advanced countries controlling the weather in advancing countries? Recently the weather condition in India / China has abruptly changed?  Weather control is possible as per internet search suggest? Are people with power technology controlling the...
Argument added by Dayanand Deshpande, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young  | Topic:  Leading and Managing People  | 5 years ago
I have to agree with anurag sir.... There should be a process like this. Otherwise how one can groom or see successful leaders more. Leading the leaders as its own importance but it should be done in a positive manner with showing them the right...
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Argument added by Sudeep Tarafdar, Senior Consultant, IBM  | 5 years ago
I do agree with Mr.Phani.National I-card will certainly help in identity verification and also help our security officials to easily identify the fake or suspect persons.It can also eliminate the need to carry many other cards if we can have all the...
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Argument added by Dayanand Deshpande, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young  | 5 years ago
Even though i am well educated i don't think education is the priority as said by Manju here, Learning life skills is what is more important than education, and in this regard i agree to Mr. Ajays comments that one old grandpa can teach you more...
Argument added by Imanpreet $ingh, Student, Kathuria Group of Information Tech.  | Topic:  INDIA  | 6 years ago
I think Indian TV is gettin much better no. of audience due to EKta Kapoors serial and News Channel menaces...
Argument added by Mani Kant Mishra, Head Operations, BANO PRODUCTS (I) LTD.  | 6 years ago
6 sigma is best for improving process. market survey, innovation  vision are best ways of introducing any new product.
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