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Debt Financing

All about the moeny you borrow to run the business, long term or short term debt financing.


debt financing, long short term loan, capital

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Topic of the week :  Govt measures for credit crisis     Go to Topic
In 2007 the single most important factor that contributed significantly to...
India Inflation Slows to 2-Decade Low of 0.44 Percent. Is it Positive sign or affect of Recession
Inflation is higher or low it doesnt matter for middle class & lower middle class families
what is the copper trend right the right time to buy copper
Referred by Amala John Nickalson, Accounts Executive/Accountant, Birla Sun Life Financial Services  | 4 years ago
Referred by H T Dasorwala, Credit/Control Manager, H T Dasorwala  | 4 years ago
Argument added by Sanjay Thakur, PhD Student in Finance(Portfolio Risk Management), IIT Bombay  | Topic:  Liquidity Risk  | 5 years ago
Correct, one uses stethescope for primitive measure and move ahead rather than sticking there. I agree that one cant reach in higher education before primary one. Thanks and regards, Sanjay
Argument added by MD ASIF JAMAL, MBA/PGDM student, Annex college of management studies  | 5 years ago
Trulry the right time to invest.but one should not invest all his saving at one go, as the market is volatile.One should invest in installment , and go for blue chips shares.These have reasonably at an attractive price band and are near to there...
Argument added by Sanjay Thakur, PhD Student in Finance(Portfolio Risk Management), IIT Bombay  | 5 years ago
Hi, I have already put my views 8 months back.No country can be immune of any such crisis but India is least affected among the BRIC Economy. Economy of Brazil is in bad shape, Russia has "announced" 9% Fiscal deficit and GDP contraction. China is in...
Referred by prakash kodnany, VICE PRESIDENT, vivro capital advisors pvt ltd  | 5 years ago
Which of the two Gandhis, Rahul and Varun, is more promising as a future Indian leader?
Referred by Amit Bhushan, Client Servicing/Key Account Manager, ABN Amro  | Topic:  Global measures for credit crisis  | 5 years ago
Details on the topic can be accessed at:  
0 referals, 2 arguments, 40 views
Referred by Mohit Bajaj, Collections Manager, Citibank  | 6 years ago
With the economic growth crashing to over five-year lows of 5.3 per cent in the third quarter, there are apprehensions whether the economy would register a 7.1 per cent expansion for the entire 2008-09. What do you say??? Will economy record 7.1 per...
0 referals, 20 arguments, 272 views
Argument added by SR Sham Sunder, CEO/MD/Director Technoaid  | 6 years ago
Yes.  This is the assessment I was expecting.  Now a word of advice to Indian investors.  If you want to invest, select your scrip and invest on your own.  Dont wait for FIIs to take the lead and then follow.  If your apprisal is sound, you should...
Argument added by veguru vijayakumar babu, Head/VP/GM-Finance/Audit, Sujana Group Of Companies  | 6 years ago
I agree with the view that the stimulus package will work for the ecconomy. Inflation has come down to 6.84 % and it is a matter of one or two months for the inflation to touch the desired level of below 5 %. Another round of interest rate cuts is on...
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