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New dynamics of managing corporate portfolio

This community focuses on the pattern or history of growth, change, and development in corporate portfolio area. It will also provide different insights, pragmatic discussion, and conversation about Corporate Portfolio Management.Its efforts at optimizing your resource allocation are key to long term organizational success.


"Corporate Portfolio Management", "Resource Allocation", Growth, Strategy

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Industries: Equity Research/Analytics
Functional Areas: Capital Management
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Topic of the week :  Govt measures for credit crisis     Go to Topic
In 2007 the single most important factor that contributed significantly to...
what is the copper trend right the right time to buy copper
Increased Transparency
Forcing Banks to Bear the Bailout Burden
Mixed Economy Footage....
Argument added by Jyoti Rath, Sr. Associate, Barclays  | Topic:  Common man & Credit crisis  | 5 years ago
Mr. Gaurav, you are right, increase in pension plan is not the only reason, if the funding implications ends up bankrupting the companies, it is a much bigger problem for the economy
Idea added by Mathew Cherian, Research Associate/Analyst, Western Michigan University  | Topic:  HRM (Human Resource Management)  | 5 years ago
HR, like Finance, strategies or OB is well structured for much innovation. Innovation per se happens in the R D in product development and not in managerial process implementation which are basicaly hard wired. One cannot experiment with this for...
Referred by Padmanabhan R, Finance student  | 5 years ago
Yesterday Niranjan Meena madam put an idea contest on “IDRA  banning investment in IDR and this affecting the IDR market of stock analysis” . There Niranjan madam and Sharad, both highly experienced in this field favoured insurance companies going...
Argument added by Esha Johar, Risk Analyst, Irevna  | 5 years ago
I don't think so Indian will be affected ,as our economy is in developing stage.And the policies pursude by our government RBI will able to stand in front of this crisis
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