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New dynamics of managing corporate portfolio

This community focuses on the pattern or history of growth, change, and development in corporate portfolio area. It will also provide different insights, pragmatic discussion, and conversation about Corporate Portfolio Management.Its efforts at optimizing your resource allocation are key to long term organizational success.


"Corporate Portfolio Management", "Resource Allocation", Growth, Strategy

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In 2007 the single most important factor that contributed significantly to...
Monetary policy stance needs more easing
Petroleum prices
RBI role
Referred by Sachin Charde, Design Engineer, Pall Corporation  | 5 years ago
Is Indian Government capable for current swain flue situation in India?
Answered by Padmanabhan R, Finance student  | 5 years ago
REIT pool investments and invest in real estate either through properties or mortgages. It operates like a mutual fund and benefit from capital appreciation and get regular payments, rent. The important features are better liquidity and pass through...
Referred by Nagaraj B, Manager Search, PeopleSmart Consultants Ltd  | 5 years ago
What do you expect from your network?
93 referals, 20 answers, 1073 views
Answered by Pravin Prashar, Sales Executive/Officer, Tata Tinplate  | 6 years ago
Reports of businesses using Blue Ocean Strategy: China Mobile : China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou talked about China's hinterland as a classic "blue-ocean market," where the company is casting its net widely without worrying about getting tangled up with...
Answered by swaraj kaushal, Credit/Control Manager, HSBC BANK  | 6 years ago
Dear Sarada, Ask your friend to send his cv at  or at One of my previous employers finds the profile suitable. Regards Swaraj
Answered by Sudheendran Thampi, Assist Manager- Placements, ICFAI, INC, Regional Office  | 6 years ago
While the US slowdown has surely reached our shores, impacting our Business as a whole, with its Dominno effects being felt in terms of a near freeze in Campus Recruitments, I personally feel all of these are a "Knee jerk Reaction" by the Companies,...
Answered by varsha ., Technical manger(QMS)  | 6 years ago
i am totally agree with sharda....  ie..  market segmenation on every stream like IT, Non IT field and the use of comprehnsive  recruitment tracking system will definetly help u alot . All the best..
61 referals, 10 answers, 173 views
Answered by varsha mishra, Analytical Chemistry Manager, rfrac  | 6 years ago
value creation is truly a dynamic cncept, not only deals with the creation of demand of specific product/brand or  commodities but also keep concern on its supply chain in continouse cyclic pattern concerning bussiness stretgies, product...
69 referals, 8 answers, 190 views
Answered by Abhishek Tiwari, Network Admin/System Admin, STPL INC.  | 6 years ago
Environment protection is a major concern today, and humans are now trying every means and method available to save the environment. But issues of e-waste are still untouched. It is an area, which is still unnoticed and needs to be taken care...
470 referals, 5 answers, 765 views
Answered by Kujnish Vashisht, Partner/Principal/VP, Expedient Consultants  | 6 years ago
The question is not clear. Kindly rephrase the question
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