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Oracle Corporation

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Company Name: Oracle
Industries: IT Products
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Topic of the week :  Top IT Sales Mistakes     Go to Topic
If we want to increase our sales, we all need to be aware of the mistakes...
it's a natural talent Vs it can be acquired
Top Rated Answer :
Personally I have never felt the need to change my name or identity as a sale is attractive to a client if the following is catered for He needs the product or service He has the need at that point of time You have placed an offer at a good time...
Debates in "Oracle Corporation"
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Referred by Kiran Kumar Reddy, Business Analyst, SAP  | Topic:  Employee Relations in an Organization  | 4 years ago
According to a recent news, If the employers have a genuine reason to believe that the workplace rules are being violated, U.S Supreme Court' verdict let the employers to search through text messages sent by workers. The ruling overturns an......
Argument added by Radhakrishna Marar, Business Analyst, Oracle  | Topic:  Challenges in role of the Business Analysis  | 5 years ago
Both are equally important but I would say analytic skills are more necessary. That doesn't mean one should lack proper domain knowledge. Actually, domain knowledge will help him to do his work properly but analytic skills will help him to take proper...
Idea Contests in "Oracle Corporation"
Referred by Ramdas Pawar, Sales/BD Manager, Flex  | Topic:  Top IT Sales Mistakes  | 5 years ago
I've seen so many knowledge items on sales on this platform. Let me go with very basic but very important issue. I believe,to be a successful sales person, our personality plays a vital role. To successfully use our personality as a sales tool, we...
Referred by Mohit Aggarwal, Sales/BD Manager, Oracle  | Topic:  Top IT Sales Mistakes  | 5 years ago
Yes u r right because if u know ur product from depth thn it will b easy for u 2 deal with ur customer any time thy meet u and can share conversation at anytimeu call thm for feedback
Trends and Insights in "Oracle Corporation"
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Commented by Radhakrishna Marar, Business Analyst, Oracle  | 5 years ago
Fantastic article Girish, its really very-very useful. I have noted all the points. I have a query. How much successful Karpersky anti virus is? Shall I use it ? Thanks for sharing is useful information...
597 referals, 1 comments, 26 views
Referred by jagdeep sachdeva, Partner/Principal/VP sachdeva placements & consultants  | Topic:  Recruitment for organization  | 5 years ago
dear all , as we know we can recruit the employees by different methods, but do you know we can use these processes with new trends of working and styles of system for the best and lowest cost results. if you people really wanna go through these...
Q & A in "Oracle Corporation"
Referred by jagdeep sachdeva, Partner/Principal/VP sachdeva placements & consultants  | Topic:  Recruitment for organization  | 4 years ago
we are 12 years old company and working with many small and big industrial setups as their authorized recruitment consultant. we also worked with BPOs few years back. now again we want to enter the same way. how can we and what are the terms? hr from...
Referred by jagdeep sachdeva, Partner/Principal/VP sachdeva placements & consultants  | Topic:  Recruitment for organization  | 4 years ago
Dear Sushil hi we appreciate your response, kindly send us the details as required so as to start campus drives with you. this is in reference to your mail showing iinterest towards the campus recruitment drives and thanks for the time given to me for...
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