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Polaris provides Technology Solutions to the world's leading banks, financial and insurance institutions. We leverage proven point solutions from the Intellect Suite to offer progressive modernization services that are SOA compliant and deliver significant business benefits in terms of risk mitigation, TCO and time to market. Spanning Retail, Corporate and Investment banking business areas, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio in the market today. We also offer Application outsourcing services to develop, maintain, reengineer, aggregate and upgrade portfolios of custom applications cost-effectively.


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Topic of the week :  Perspectives on Agile Development     Go to Topic
As there is more talk of being agile in the industry arena and in various...
Debates in "Polaris"
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Referred by Ujwal Chana, Project Lead, Polaris Software  | 5 years ago
With so much hype around SOA, what do you think whether SOA is a future imperative ?
Argument added by Dinesh parkar, Team Leader -(Technical), L&T Infotech  | 5 years ago
MAY BE WE HAVE STILL NOT LOST EVERYTHING.  How about building a wall with good height and width around the complete periphery of the India-Pakistan border like the one built by China. There is strong need to build Navy bases around the Sea border as...
Idea Contests in "Polaris"
Referred by Ujwal Chana, Project Lead, Polaris Software  | 5 years ago
As the IT industry is changing and growing day by day and proving its own consequence in economic and financial growth of a country. As the time passes, the software industry is changing its structure, as you can see where so many novel emerging trends...
Referred by Rahul Gedam, Project Manager, Polaris Software  | 5 years ago
Innovation, as we speak it is happening everywhere, and due to innovation in technology one can see the growth that is happening and the way one does the business is completely changing, and IT is one industry which has something or the other to do...
Trends and Insights in "Polaris"
Referred by Ajith Gopalakrishnan, QA/QC Manager, Polaris Software  | 5 years ago
This article has some of my views about working in the IT industry today. I have read many management books and articles; but hell, none of them seem to be written by anyone who seems to be a lay, ordinary guy ! No one seems to talk about basic......
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Referred by Ajith Gopalakrishnan, QA/QC Manager, Polaris Software  | 5 years ago
From social networking sites to telecom vendors, open source technologies are being embraced by one and all. The company that originally walked in this path is reaping rich dividends. Sun Microsystems Inc., founded in 1982, continues to grow......
Q & A in "Polaris"
Referred by Prashanth Kantheti, Staffing, Consultant  | Topic:  Perspectives on Agile Development  | 5 years ago
Kindly let me know the procedure to post the career opportunity in Java Architect community
Referred by Ujwal Chana, Project Lead, Polaris Software  | 5 years ago
Open Source: Are you for it or against it? What are your experiences?
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