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Software Testing -

A community of interst for IT TEsting professionals

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Recession is a concern for everyone in nearly every industry-fear of lost...
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Yes, as with all products and service, the offshore outsourcing paradigm is following the normal life cycle curve. Consolidation and customer/vendor maturity is imminent. There are, of course, barriers that still need to be crossed such as...
Debates in "Software Testing -"
Argument added by Kriti Das, HR Manager, ANZ Information Technology  | Topic:  Corporate Layoffs  | 3 years ago
I believe that students do change after entering the corporate world. If they dont change then they just cant fit into the corporate world. They need to carry an attitude that makes them employable by the employer.
Referred by Yogita Jaywant Patil, XML Associate, Trac Mail  | Topic:  Managing the Software Process  | 4 years ago
Yes vs No
Idea Contests in "Software Testing -"
Idea added by Krishna, Software Testing, Ness Technology  | 4 years ago
One of the best ways to promote innovation culture at workplace could be rewarding the innovator. Come up with a plan/program how you measure the innovation contribution i.e. how much is the impact of one's innovation. Accordingly, collect points for...
Argument added by Krishna, Software Testing, Ness Technology  | Topic:  Managing the Software Process  | 4 years ago
Metrics can be used to measure software quality assurance progress and a number of standard metrics are available to measure the progress and quality of a product. You can have a view of few Test Metrics at my blog site http://krishnabaidya2010testing...
Trends and Insights in "Software Testing -"
Referred by Yogita Jaywant Patil, XML Associate, Trac Mail  | 4 years ago
A philosophy professor stood before his class and had some items in front of him. When class began, wordlessly he picked up a large empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks, rocks about 2" in diameter. He then asked the students if the...
Referred by Vishnu, Software Tester, Software company Bangalore  | 4 years ago
Hi All, I am working in a Software MNC based in USA as Software Engineer. I am currently based in Bangalore,India. I am going through this difficult situation.Please suggest me how to proceed. I joined this company 2 years back in June month and hence...
Q & A in "Software Testing -"
Referred by vivek jothi, MBA/PGDM student, FH Nuremberg  | 3 years ago
HI all, I am presently conducting an online survey for IT/Software professionals in India as a part of my MBA dissertation, i appreciate the participation of IT employees in the group and also please pass it on to your known people working in IT...
Answered by sukhendu rana, BCA student, St. Joseph ’S College, Bangalore  | 4 years ago
thanks Himanshu...actually he left due to some unfortunate family problems and not because he got a job somewhere else(which most of the people think why employees leave)...and it seems that the company sent a notice demanding him to pay the bond...
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