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Statistical & Data Analytics

Discuss the technology aspects of analytics: the updates, the innovations and the charm of number crunching. A must-join for all the statisticians and mathematical modelers of the world!



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Data warehousing embraces the technology of integrating data from multiple...
Debates in "Statistical & Data Analytics"
Argument added by Mathew Cherian, Research Associate/Analyst, Western Michigan University  | Topic:  2009 General Elections : Key Issues  | 1 year ago
Federal government is alright as long as we have the manpower to generate uniformity in the aggregate level.
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Referred by lakshminarayana perumal vazhumuniswaran, Plant Incharge-Ujala and Bottle unit, jyothy laboratories limited  | 3 years ago
Quality is still a big concern for many of us. Now the retailers being coming up with their own has raised concerns about the quality of products they will provide. So, do private lable brands ensure quality??
Idea Contests in "Statistical & Data Analytics"
Referred by kasturi padhiary, Sales Executive/Officer, sign system  | 4 years ago
Hi, Am completed post graduate in industrial biotech.I want to start a own business relate to Biotech feild. But how and which type - can any one guide me and give brief Idea/ plan to setup a own business.
Argument added by Arijay Chaudhry, CEO, Strategic Intelligence Services  | Topic:  Data Analysis in Business Intelligence  | 5 years ago
Agile does some level of work on integration of data, however, the technologies on IDASM developed with the help of a regional institute in India far outpaces what organizations such as Agile, oracle or SAS can provide. Dr. Parag Deshpande is a...
Trends and Insights in "Statistical & Data Analytics"
Referred by Mritunjay Kumar, Associate Insights Consultant, Brandscapes Worldwide  | 4 years ago
Any info on the Indian Automobile Component Industry Focus: India (Compared to rest of the world)
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Commented by Shashikant Brahmankar, Sr Manager  | 5 years ago
Very good discussion point... often neglected by the majority... Some clarification needed here. 1. data mining and predictive analytics fall into the same category - No. Two different things. Crudely, data mining is equivalent to data exploration. 2....
Q & A in "Statistical & Data Analytics"
Answered by Gopichandra S, Statistics  | 4 years ago
Dear Rajesh, If you have fair amount of exposure to Statistics, then the better source on the process of factor analysis is a reference book on Research Methodology by C.R. Kothari.  I refer this book extensively on my consultation projects of data...
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Referred by Amrutha Sarvesh, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Freedom Foundation  | 5 years ago
MS Acess 2003 & vbe
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