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Amruta Koranne MBA student,Amity global business school, indore
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S. Muralidharan  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  1 year ago
Obviously, yes! The desired outcome of the objective is achieved only when the value system percolates down from top!
Amruta Koranne  |  Argues in support of  |  2 years ago
yes, organisation culture exists in almost every organisation. culture shows the values and  commitment of employees towards their organisation. mainly the culture comes from the founder of the organisation and somehow it is delivered  to its...
Shashikant Rajak  |  Argues in support of  "Yes"  |  2 years ago
Every organization has its own culture.  The organization culture consists of shared beliefs and values established by the organization’s leaders. As people want to work for a company that enables them to maintain a balance between their work and...
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I am getting calls from consultancies to join them as recruiter. but i have heard that experience from consultancy does not count in your CV and you will be treated as fresher in industry even then.wh...
shakun sharma  |  Answered  |  2 years ago
I give my thumbs up to job is a waste!!  well when u work in a consultancy firm make sure you work for reputed firm. Who said a consultancy firm is just ment for recruitment, it gives u chance to bring business development as well....
Saibal Ray  |  Answered  |  2 years ago
No job is a waste...any job gives you an experience of a lifetime...look at the US economy with most of them still sure they would pounce on such an opportunity if they sniff out any...just a boost for you...i have a friend whose...
Answer: "does working in consultancy add to experience for HR freshers in resume?" deleted from your view.
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Yes Job Satisfaction is more important  
 Finally Money moves everything
Anna George  |  Argues in support of  "Yes Job Satisfaction is more important "  |  8 months ago
You can earn money at any age if you are healthy. Afterall the entire objective of earning money is to live a peaceful and happy life. So I strongly believe that Job satisfaction is more important than money. Regards, Anna George. Web Analyst....
Amruta Koranne  |  Argues in support of  |  2 years ago
job satisfaction is more important for me than money...a man can move initially to different companies for money but eventually he want to search a matter of satisfaction with the passage of time
manasi bhupendra maniar  |  Argues in support of  "Finally Money moves everything"  |  2 years ago
After all designation and salary are the main components of job satisfaction and play major role in satisfaction. and I can say that these are the main reasons  of job dissatisfaction for employees if it is not given properly. every employee...
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1 Badmouthing former bosses, co-workers, or employers.
2 excuses which should be avoided
Amruta Koranne  |  Supported idea  "Badmouthing former bosses, co-workers, or employers."  |  2 years ago
its true...whatever the case may be we should talk good about present employer even the interviewer knows will deliver your image as person who never lets fall down his company's image before anyone and you are the one whom they can...
Rupesh Mishra  |  Supported idea  " excuses which should be avoided"  |  2 years ago
Don't be nervous,Don't complicate your answers. You are right that in hundreds or thousands,you have been choosen for interview but they haven't checked your soft skills,innovation and other skills.Always show how you are relevant to the profile...
Ideate: "What are the 10 most interview sins we should avoid?" deleted from your view.
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E-commerce is also  gaining  momentum these days.The economy so established  is called internet economy.Any one who is a good manager can also become a good e-manager. Here are top ten things or pointer to lead effectively:- 1. Speed: Being quick is more important than being large-indeed.Production cycles grow shorter,consumer expect service around the clock.One way to be speedy is to avoid big-bang decisions.Latest internet based technology must be adopted to increase the speed, lest others red-sign their websites within this period. 2. Good people :Companies need fewer but better people.Employees with new talents,skills and attitudes must be made to feel at home.They also need news ways t...
Rathin Deb  |  Commented  |  2 years ago
Yes the comments are right keeping in mind the future is that of e commerce. In order to grow to the maximum exyent it will still take a decade and half more.
Amruta Koranne  |  Commented  |  2 years ago
That's a very good article. thank you for this
Kriti Das  |  Commented  |  2 years ago
Good article, every manager should try to learn E-commerce which is the hot space..... Thanks mohammad ....
Insight: "E-Manager" deleted from your view.
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1 Ideas should be more community centric
2 Understand the Rural Psycholoigy
Jaygopal Raghavan  |  Added idea  "Use the media they are more familiar with"  |  2 years ago
USe of rural media like folk play, mobile announcements etc. are what touches an instant cord in the rural media's mind. One you want to reach them, reach them through their medium that they are most familiar with. There is no point in sending...
Amruta Koranne  |  Supported idea  |  2 years ago
its very important to understand there mind state before promoting product over there. it should be considered that to whom we are approaching either its male or female because they have different types of controls in their hands specially in...
Rathin Deb  |  Supported idea  "Ideas should be more community centric"  |  2 years ago
Rural Marketing is a different ball game and different aqpproach is required which is product specific. Like HUL appoints a village lady and give her stocks worth Rs. 20000/- and she sells the product in a radious of 4 or 5 km and earns a good...
Ideate: "How to go about Marketing and Advertising for Rural consumers?" deleted from your view.
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1 Empowerment, recognition and reward
2 Offering various other incentives like -
Wajid.Pathan  |  Supported idea  "Other opportunities within the company"  |  2 years ago
I support your idea Nippon
Nipoon Tandon  |  Added idea  "Other opportunities within the company"  |  2 years ago
We can still retain an employee by knowing the intrest of an employee. Sometimes employees are not happy with the role so they move.. If we can engage an employee in his/her area of intrest we should be able to retain our talent.
Amruta Koranne  |  Supported idea  "Empowerment, recognition and reward"  |  2 years ago
ya..i think it will be good to give the employee new chance to prove himself on various platforms by giving him new objectives and proper rewards. career planning can also be done for his job satisfaction
Ideate: "Apart from salary hike option, How can companies stem attrition??" deleted from your view.
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I am going to select HR as my major in 3rd semester. as like in finance are there any courses or certificates which would help us in making up a good CV?
sandeep sheregar  |  Answered  |  2 years ago
Hi Amruta I am a finance professional but i do have a very good experience of corporate HR culture and have a good no of HR friends a few HR top notchs as well. So far as my advise goes you need not do any additional course in HR. Instead prepare...
Answer: "what are the additional courses that HR students should do for a getting a good job?" deleted from your view.
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1 Understand
2 Keep ahead in the talent war
Edu Head  |  Added idea  "In performing a good exit strategy."  |  3 months ago
In most of the companies, Exit Strategy is given least importance. But it is very important from the HR division to conduct a well managed Exit of an employee. This act really makes a big difference in branding and debranding a company among...
Amruta Koranne  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
a sound employer employee relationship is not only good for profit maximization of company but also for also goodwill of the employer. so HR department should look for their benefits and good working conditions which would differ them for other companies.
kawaljit kaur  |  Supported idea  "Understand"  |  2 years ago
maintaining the order,i.e,placing the right the people on the right place ,plays a crucial part when it comes to enhancing the productivity through manpower .manpower planning should be skill based ,this way,specialisation can be created for a...
Ideate: "How HR can build an employer brand? " deleted from your view.
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1 Involve employees in planning and problem solving
2 Open and transparent Communication
Revathy Venkitesh  |  Added idea  " Poliete, Listening to their problems of employees are always keep as secret itself, & most imp. Helping them."  |  1 year ago
I mean if u know what is wrong with ur employee, call personally & discuss his fault such a way that he understands his mistakes,without shouting at him. Have patience to listen to their difficulties & problems. Try to help them out, encourage...
Amruta Koranne  |  Supported idea  |  2 years ago
there should be a two way communication between employee and employer. on the one hand employee will feel his importance in the company and on the other hand employee will know the potential of his employees, their skills, their problems which will be...
Resmi Maxim  |  Supported idea  "Involve employees in planning and problem solving"  |  3 years ago
For an employee to use his full potential, he / she must feel being treated important by the Management. They feel contented when they re involved in problem solving and planning. The Management which follows open door policy, giving freedom for...
Ideate: "How to build trust with the employees ?" deleted from your view.
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