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TooStep is shutting down all it's services on 27th March 2015.
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Ways For Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen cabinets are easy to get filthy. With all the cooking you do in the kitchen, your kitchen cabinets are bound to get dirty. Oil and grim stick to the cabinets and make your white kitchen cabinets look patchy. The maple cabinets you bought start looking full of grim as dirt build up there. For a second you might just be forced to buy a new set of discount cabinets or cheap cabinets to save yourself from cleaning kitchen cabinets. Cleaning the dirty kitchen cabinets will become a child's play if you follow our instructions.

The cleaning of RTA cabinets will take only sometime if you work according to our advices.

Clean your white kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets get dirty very easily, so all those with white Pantry Cabinets have to clean them often. The cleaning of white kitchen cabinets should be done with lot of care so as to not disfigure them. You should clean the white kitchen cabinets with damp cloth dipped in gentle cleansing solution. Rub it a bit on the surface and then wash it off with water. Soak all the water from your white kitchen cabinet using soft sponge. Use a mixture of club soda with vinegar or lemon juice to wipe off deep dirt .

Follow these tricks for giving a new look to maple cabinets

An advantage which maple cabinets have from getting dirty fast is it's color. The color of maple cabinets will save them from getting less dirty than white kitchen cabinets. While cleaning maple cabinets be sure not to scratch the surface so use a soft cloth. To clean maple cabinets use genteel cleansing solution. Splash plain water on them and dry the maple cabinets using soft cloth. While cleaning maple cabinets you have to be careful to not scratch the surface. You can polish the maple cabinet surface after cleaning them; it will give the maple cabinet a shiny look.

How to clean the knobs and inside of kitchen cabinets

Brushes can be used to clean the knobs of cabinets. Knobs should be cleaned by soft brush after dipping them in cleansing solution. Mild cleansing solutions are best for cleaning knobs of cabinets. Taking out the knobs from cabinets is also good way to clean the knobs.
The insides of the Bathroom Vanities should be emptied before cleaning them. Take out the sheets from inside of cabinets before spraying the cleansing solutions inside. Let them dry and then fix them back.

For cleaning the RTA cabinets

Cleaning RTA cabinets is relatively easier as you can dismantle all the parts and clean them. You can break RTA cabinets into its original parts and fix them with a suitable cleansing solution Take out the parts of RTA cabinets and clean them individually with a mild detergent solution.

  • It is ideal to get a piece of damp cloth or sponge for cleaning the cabinet surface.
  • Keep the kitchen cabinets in open to dry them well as they have high chances of being spoiled by water.
  • A new polish on cabinets after being cleaned will give them shine and life.
Ideas For Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets