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Created by : Radha Sundaram, Sales/BD Manager, Bharti Airtel  | 12 22 2009 12:40:30 +0000
Industry : Telecom/ISPFunctional Area : New Technologies(Technology)
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Now a days, mobile phones are becoming even more like personal computers which means they are also becoming more vulnerable to traditional computer menaces like hackers and viruses. This year, the Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab reported on a new malicious program that stole money by taking over Nokia phones and making small charges to the owners’ wireless accounts.

Last month, an Australian student created an experimental worm that hopscotched across "jailbroken" iPhones, which are phones altered to run software. Apple has not authorised. The mischievous worm did not cause any damage; it just installed a photo of the '80s pop star Rick Astley. But to security experts, it suggested that pernicious attacks on iPhones are possible.

With so many facilities, do you think modern cell phones is a curse or a boon?

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All the modern cell phones with so many facilities have security threats and where there are perceived security threats, there are always entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalise on them and build profitable businesses. We suffer with data loss and they shed money from our pockets and fill in theirs. So, for a normal customers now a days mobile phones are no less than a curse.

By Radha Sundaram, Sales/BD Manager, Bharti Airtel  12 22 2009 12:54:25 +0000
Top Argument

Just only one flaw-security threat and it became curse? I agree we suffer a lot of money loss because of that but why are we ignoring the numerous facilities they give which has created a possibility of mobile phones replacing computers in future days. How can it be curse at that condition?

By Sonal Singh, Project Manager, Nortel Networks  12 22 2009 13:08:02 +0000

in India we are having common people for whom basic phone with FM is enough.

By ramamurtymanne , Freelancer, Freelancer  | 12 23 2009 18:01:14 +0000

I find cellphones to be a curse.

More facilities is facilitating more curses! Cell phones have now lost their charm of being connected on the move. They have now become an integral part of the system and process as well. I have very firm views of when to access my social networks and my private mails. I like to do them in the luxury of my home. My time, my place, my date.

I like to keep my cell as an instrument facilitating my need to be connected with my business at all times from 9 to 6. An extra hour on the way to my residence and thats all!! Beyond that I choose to answer my calls or not. Relatives and death situations within the family is all I entertain after hours!!

Thanks for the referral :))

By Makrand Bhave, AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group  | 12 23 2009 08:15:50 +0000

Technology is always meant for making life easier but when people become more n more uneasy to grab the latest one,,,,where there is no end,,,,things start to get complicated....

Anyways,,,depends on individuals,,what facilities facilitates them,,,

By ujjval jain, Retail, Retail  | 12 22 2009 15:18:51 +0000

Definitely it is boon, but not because of the phone. It is the "Wireless Media" that enables full mobility with facilitate communication with any one, anywhere any time.

About the value added services, with Telecom & IT technology advancement, host of features will be made available in the systems, network and the end user devices. Virtually the mobile device could be programmed to do almost everything one generally need in addition to phone, such as e-valletwith whcih one can do all money trasactions on line, as a remote key for the car, parking lots, house, lockers, health check device and sensor, internet access for e-mails, share trading, music and games etc., etc.  

it is for the end user to decide what they need. They can use a simple plain mobile phone and services for basic communication need, or to go in for more sophisticated devices and services.

By P. Abraham Paul, MD FCOMNET  | 03 09 2010 09:06:23 +0000
0 is a boon.Every information at finger tips.

By ramamurtymanne , Freelancer, Freelancer  | 01 13 2010 14:02:09 +0000

Mobile phones these days are incorporating a lot of beneficial features like web browsing, land-map browsing s/w, and many more widgets like stock tickers and all. These all have a useful purpose and should not be discouraged just because of the fear of some attack on the software component. What should be done is more of user awareness should be created on preventing software infections since most of the malware cant invade a phone s/w unless there is some user action.

Apart from this the convenience being brought in by the assimilation of useful tools like email client, web browser hugely enhances ones communication and makes life easier for people on the go.

By Sanjay Suvarna, Senior Software Developer, a MNC  | 01 13 2010 13:24:04 +0000

I agree with you, these are basically small attacks by an attacker  to demonstrate what attacks can happen if at all attacks happen .....

I always preferred communication by those beautiful white pigeons (even those who did send them :) ) but alas technology as taken the charm away from communications !! 

ok enough of humour now,  i believe a powerful ,Open platform will not invite attacks form malicious developers.For instance , do we have viruses on Linux ??

By Shaikh Mohd. Laeeq, Technical Associate R&D , ThinkLABS Technosloutions Pvt. Ltd.  | 12 22 2009 14:13:27 +0000
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