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Created by : Santosh A. Jadhav, Executive sales, Ion Exchange India Ltd.  | 07 31 2009 15:05:26 +0000
Industry : AutomobileFunctional Area : Business Models(Strategy & Execution)
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I would like to pose a question here that how many of us are in favour of BAJAJ made bikes and how many of us are in favour of HERO HONDA made bikes///

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Arguments in: "BAJAJ or HERO HONDA"

I strongly beleive in BAJAJ cause /// if you see the companies R&D work from last 10yrs you will find a tremendous effort behind that and also attached with massive SUCCESS///

whereas you see in HERO HONDA there is no as such remarkable technology introduced ... PLease let me make clear Im talking about HERO HONDA not HONDA  //// there is tremendous difference between these two although HONDA factor is same in both the cases but i think HERO is causing the difference///

yes HERO HONDA bikes you will find are jugling up with there fibre body in just one or two year also you will find a remarkable proble of KNOCKING in all the HERO HONDA bikes////

whereas in other hand BAJAJ has overcome all these technical issues a long time ago'''  

very latest to talk BAJAJ has introduced a new technology in DISCOVER 135 that is TRICS ..which many of might not be knowing /// it stands for Throttle Response Ignition Control System/// If only once you ride that bike you will definitely come to knoe the difference in PICKUP..... 'also world is witness for there DTSI technology ... and there RACE engine which was in BAJAJ 4S/// and lots more ''''''''


lastly i would just say HATS OFF to BAJAJ //////

By Santosh A. Jadhav, Executive sales, Ion Exchange India Ltd.  | 07 31 2009 15:05:26 +0000
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