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Topic : Sachin- the king of the Cricket
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Created by : nalini kumar das, Civil Engineer-Highway Roadway, S.M.Consultants,BBSR  | 08 05 2011 05:45:33 +0000
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Sachin Tendulkar the Indian Cricket player has recieved huge number of recommendations for giving him Bharat Ratna award. The Indian government is considering modification to the rules to give Bharat Ratna to batting Genius Sachin Tendulkar and become a recipient of the Nation’s most prestigious Civilian award.For Bharat Ratna the sports celebrities are as of yet, ineligible.But in case sachin tendulkar it is possible.
By nalini kumar das, Civil Engineer-Highway Roadway, S.M.Consultants,BBSR  08 05 2011 05:45:33 +0000
why not ofcourse ...........sachin has done so much for india and he has got already won world cup now its time for bharat ratna ....
By rajesh , MBA/PGDM student, Presidency college of management sciences  | 08 05 2011 18:04:45 +0000

Nalini I agree with you and also support Mr. Baksh on his suggestion of conferring the same to late Dhyan Chand. 

By Rathin Deb, Advisor and retail consultant, currently as Branch Manager, Tower Infotech Ltd  | 08 05 2011 12:39:13 +0000

Thanks,Nalini for referral. Sachin deserves "Bharat Ratna",But in case there is a policy change,then it must also be conferred posthumously on Dhyan Chand,the hockey legend. 

By Mohammad Bakhsh, Consultant(Civil), Rail Vikas Nigam Limited  | 08 05 2011 10:59:10 +0000
This topic has been discussed in Toostep umpteen number of times. He deserves it, but he should wait to receive it from the Government which is having a clean image (both nationally and internationally), patriotic and people-friendly. If Bharat Ratna is conferred to him by this Government, we are be-meaning the Highest National Award conferred to any citizen of India!
By S. Muralidharan, Executive Director, Knowledge Foundation & Campus Around the Corner  | 08 05 2011 05:54:04 +0000
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