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Created by : Sachin Saxena, Assistant Manager - F&A, Infor Global Solutions  | 03 02 2009 09:33:58 +0000
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This weekend I have given a party at my room to my room mates and collegues at my home. Just yuhi...:)..all of a sudden we get into a debate about British rule in India.

Only 2 person were in fovour of British rule and they were thanking Britishers to rule India. That time we all (leaving that 2 guys) were opposing British rule. We were fighting to them and definately won the debate on grounds of our patriotism, and so many agendsas we follow to curse Britishers.

But, after this all when i was alone and was thinking, yes they were wrong, rude and not to be exceptable in India, they didn't treat us like human being. So, any how I will never except them as good for Indai. But yes there was a small logic in the arguments of these 2 guys. If there was no British rule so it could be a late start for Indian development, like factory's, railway, aeroplanes, living standard, constitution, economy, law & order...and too many things...

I want your views about it.........what you think

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I think British rule in any country was not in a good shape. They were rude and only rude.

But somehow i find that India is ruled by several religions. Some one from China, some from other countries and so on. Only Ashoka & Chandragupta Morya were the Kings who at there time were holding the complete India. But before them & after them there was no any Indian king who can single handle bring India under one umbrella, no one was so capable. They were fighting to each other, rather then fighting to the outsiders. So, may be If british didn't rule India we were not here as today where we are....

I think that the base of development is put by Britishers only.

By Sachin Saxena, Assistant Manager - F&A, Infor Global Solutions  | 03 02 2009 09:33:58 +0000
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