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Topic : Construction Project Management
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Created by : M NITIN SHENOY, PMP, IPMA-D, CEng MICE, Manager  | 03 24 2009 04:44:16 +0000
Industry : ConstructionFunctional Area : Project Management(Technology)
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Considering project dynamics and uniqueness kindly support any one domain project and highlight the MERITS and DEMERITS in the respective Domain on the basis of the following :

People Management, Project Success, Technological Advance, Project Management Skill Applications and Outcomes, PMPs, etc...!!!

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Construction Project Vs IT Project
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Construction Project primarily defines the Uniqueness and Temporary nature of which any Project should be made of.

Over and above, the various levels of people you deal with from a Labourer to Minister/ IAS Officers from Government to CEOs/CMDs of the Client Organization.....

managing stakeholder requirements which is dynamic is very challenging in NATURE...!!!

It has its own draw back; such as implementation of any technological and organizational changes  is very slow and its effects are not easily measurable in a shorter period of time...

Considering the dynamics of construction projects, any Project Management initative requires tremendous support, skill and determination to apply, sustain and grow...!!!

By M NITIN SHENOY, PMP, IPMA-D, CEng MICE, Manager  03 24 2009 06:21:29 +0000

I worked on construction projects in my first career and work on IT projects in my second career.  Construction projects are tangible and aren't always done using the critical path, but one where supplies are delivered.  IT has a lot of nonsense provisioning where people go around their peers and try to gain organizatonal power.  If one were to stand around on a construction site doing this it would be noticed and reprimanded.  This doesn't happen in IT jobs because it is so hard to see. 

By Mark Gillespie, Student, Eastern New Mexico University  | 05 01 2009 23:45:25 +0000

   People management skill is top of all the management skills, construction project managers are quite better then IT project managers in this issue.

  Compare with IT managers Construction managers are using their people management skills not only in project but also in personal life.

Most of the IT projects don’t have all aspects of a project management while construction projects are having.

So construction manager can easily pick up the subject of project management compare with IT managers.

By Dhanaraman , Project Manager, CRN  | 04 02 2009 06:48:10 +0000

But i will Support It project. We can see the down trends in Construction projects . That is because of IT projects are failed. Infrastructure business gets revenue because of IT firms are opening all over India, they need good Infrastructure for their offices and employees. So when It project fails infrastructure also Fails.

By Asmita Rai, Journalist, GBN  | 03 24 2009 05:50:53 +0000
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