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Created by : KUMAR SAURABH JHA, HR Manager  | 07 20 2009 05:20:38 +0000
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With so many models and sub models emerging out every year from premier passenger car manufacturers across the country, it may be a cut throat competition among all the competitors to prove themselves very soon.

We have the smallest car-Nano before us which has an Indian cultural value engrained within it as The Tatas are world class steel manufacturer so whatever they make will prove its brilliance.

Maruti Suzuki has brought its A star then yet a new model Ritz and may be many more to come.

Bajaj has been the oldest among the two wheelers manufacturers has also stepped into the passenger cars manufacture.

Hyundai is also about to bring its small car very soon in the race.

So what would happen with the Multi Utility vehicles then.

Mr Jagdish Khattar, Former MD- Maruti Suzuki is about to start with a multi brand workshop very soon as i have come to know from reliable sources.

Few foreign models have also started to generate sales in India and they are also very aggressive.

Would it be a real struggle for existence among all passenger car manufacturers across the country?



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Yes what started with Tata's Nano, it is catching with many of the car makers in the scene where most of them are going for small cars and not only car maker's even popular manufacturer's of bikes the Bajaj are also venturing into 4 wheeler segment and with foreign players entry into this scene like Renault and others with strategic tie-up...the competition is getting on and we can see many new cars that are in the market with many more features and that are targetted to the Middle class and this will create problems of sorts as most of the car manufacturers are doing the same thing at a time, with this there wil be problems for the car manufacturers but then this is a good news for the consumer as people will be having more number of choices to go for.......

By Kailash Sharma, Product Development Manager, Force Motors  07 20 2009 10:10:13 +0000

With increasing number of companies operating in India the car market in undergoing frantic segmentation. Each model wants to create a niche for itself & capitalise on its needs. The cars have been segmented into A B C D class . Now these segments are getting further split into B-, B +, C-, C+ & so on. THe UV has been sub-divided into SUV, MUV, MAV etc. The auto market will see further fragmentation in these segments.

By santosh kumar, Marketing Manager, AUTOMOBILE  | 09 08 2009 05:19:24 +0000

yes i totally agree with the fact that customers will have more choices to select from and can choose the best from the available choices..

By indranil , M.A student, Clemson University  | 08 29 2009 16:36:17 +0000

With so many models in the offing, potential buyers are going to adopt a wait and watch approach before they decide. The manufacturers are going to have to go some really aggresive marketing to get an edge over the competition. A well laid out aftersales network might be another  thing that clients are going to look at. 

By David , Parts Manager, Ferrari/Maserati Spa and Bentley UK  | 07 20 2009 13:07:13 +0000

I beileve while purchasing a vehicle one would consider so many factors like his budget,mileage depending on his regular travel,effciency, service, resale value etc, considering above factors one would fall in a category of selecting a MUV,SUV,Sedan etc available

How ever one who is having a MUVor SUV or Sedan could also purchase a car like Nano for his family members

By Mohammed Sadique, Project Manager - PMP- TOYOTA Application Support (AS/400 Tech), Abdul Lateef Jameel -TOYOTA  | 07 20 2009 12:51:44 +0000

Yes the difficult time is about to begin and definitely the countdown hads begun .......

By KUMAR SAURABH JHA, HR Manager  | 07 20 2009 05:20:38 +0000

With more automakers coming to India things should only get rosier for the customers. The negatives don't seem to be major ones but there surely are quite a few positives.

More number of carmakers would directly translate into increased competition and hence better pricing, better service and better offerings in the vehicles. The technlogy will also improve by leaps and bounds for Indian carmakers and suppliers.

While it won't be hard for many carmakers to co-exist at the same time (India's growing economy and increased purchasing power), it certainly will eat into the margins of carmakers. However, that could be a medium-term issue if addressed properl;y and implementation of more flexible and innovative manufacturing procedures can offset this decline significantly.

By Arpit Mahendra, Deputy Editor, SupplierBusiness  | 09 08 2009 09:47:53 +0000

I would like to bring everyones attention to a gigantic revolution which took place recently in the field of communication...infact the transformation is continuing! Yes I am talking about the telecom sector and MOBILE PHONES.

Not so long ago, the middle class used to wait for hours in post office to book a trunk call. The rich people only could afford a telephone connection. Then happened this 'mobile thing'. Now some of us complain.. look even that fish vendor has it'. The market for mobiles is many folds bigger than the automobile. But we are coping with it. The same will happen with automobile market too. Revolution will take place with NANO! sure! But soon we wil have our KABAADI WALA honking at our door step in a stylish fourwheeler. Imagine that there are 4 good general stores in your locality. Still you can start a new shop and make it a success. Innovation and knowledge about customer needs is all that is needed. After oil, people spent most of their money for water. Selling water is the second biggest after selling oil. Now it is going to be sale of space. This is going to be a byproduct of revolution in automobile industry.  Let more and more NANOs roll out...Selling parking space is going to make millions. LOOK OUT FOR IT.  

By M DEVADAS BABU, Group Engineer, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited  | 07 20 2009 17:11:55 +0000
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