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Created by : Mallaya Pandravada, GM-Project , Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation  | 08 21 2009 06:34:27 +0000
Industry : Management & Strategy ConsultingFunctional Area : Business Processes(Operations)
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We always view that conducive work environment can make the workers more productive. I invite the debate whether it is true in all situations?

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All happy workers may not produce good products Vs Happy workers are productive workers in all cases.
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I Want Add: There Are Two Types Of Stresses Caused On The Employees, When They Are Exposed To Production Targets: U-Stress; Distress. U-Stress Is The Positive When The Employee Puts More Load On His Brain To Achieve Better Results. There Are Some Management Experiments Carried Out On Two Sets Of People: Happy People without Any Burden On Brain: People Under Stress. Funnily The Products by Happy People were Having More Defects; Since These People didn’t concentrate on Work and Get Their Happy Mood Disturbed. On The Contrary The Stressed (Sad) People Produced Flawless Products, Since They Concentrated More On The Work To Come Out Of their Unhappiness (May Also Be To Derive Happiness Out The Success In Achievement Of Good Product.)

By Mallaya Pandravada, GM-Project , Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation  08 22 2009 05:56:51 +0000
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What I believe that an employee can be happy only in that condition when he doesn't have stress, tension and can get favourable work environment. And when all these favourable conditions are there, there is no doubt that he will do his work with more eagerness and charm which, in return, will give him better productivity....

By Pragya Kothari, Construction-Heavy, DLF  08 21 2009 07:56:19 +0000

Happy workers will not often show good productivity. On the other hand, very unhappy workers will definitely lose productivity. In a way, productivity is happiness neutral. Most times, we know that for a job to be completed, one needs to be committed and disciplined - not necessarily happy.  Happiness will be a distraction if the happiness is outside one's sphere of work or even associated with some parts of the job.

By Kannan , Project Management Consultant  | 08 26 2009 08:02:37 +0000

For production of a product or service u-stress on the worker make him critically working. This is mandatory for producing the flawless product. This u-stress on the employee may due to the target on him by the management or the pressure by the supervisory staff to produce or perish. U-stress in the employee may not be always in happy atmosphere.

My argument is "A Happy worker always need not be a productive worker".

By Mallaya Pandravada, GM-Project , Aditya Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation  | 08 21 2009 06:34:27 +0000

As per the natural law and science of psychology and mind dynamics, happiness state of brain-bio chemistry which is that of complete balance, fully functioning brain and open to creativity / brightness is naturally very sharp, penetrative and efficient with more energy and hence is bound to function more concentratedly which is the key to productivity and creativity ... !

Therefore, I vote for Happy workers ...... productive

By anup bagla, M.Phil student @ AHRD and Consultant / Specialist - Process & Environment, Energy Conservation & Sustainability, Stanley Consultants I P Ltd. (On Assignment basis)  | 08 21 2009 15:19:52 +0000
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