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Created by : Harnish Jain, Assistant Manager - IT (Tech Support), CeX WeBuy Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.  | 04 14 2011 12:21:27 +0000
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Seems so Vs but difficult to realize ?
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Yesterday I had also asked something similar . How to save your IT job where even I have mentioned the numbers of jobs lost and regained.. click the link and check out for yourself..

By Mahalakshmi Subramanium, QA/QC Manager, Genpact  04 15 2011 08:35:04 +0000
The jobs have not been reduced, but IT sector in India has been growing so much that there has been an enormous demand in the field of IT which has made people feel that jobs in other sectors has been decreasing. It is just that the relative increase in the number of jobs in the IT sector has been more when compared to the other streams.
By Pavan Kumar P N, B.E / B.Tech Stduent at M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore  | 04 16 2011 02:32:32 +0000
Cant be 100% sure. The avenue for employment is increasing day by day in the same field besides other fields.
By V, Subramanian, Proprietor, Indentors  | 04 15 2011 11:18:41 +0000
In the past, when manual systems existed, people were required due to the manual nature of work but now ever since the advent of Information Technology, things have turned automatic thereby reducing the need for people.
By Harnish Jain, Assistant Manager - IT (Tech Support), CeX WeBuy Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.  | 04 14 2011 12:21:27 +0000
Now there is demand for skilled and educated peapole.Its true that illitrates have less opportunities now-a-days
By Manoj Kumar, Sales and Service Engineer, Apical Telecom Consulting  | 04 15 2011 11:29:56 +0000

But still i would say that the job opportunities have been improved enormously due the advent in Information technology,there could be so many machines invented to reduce the human efforts, which again requires human to use that machine..if we look from the bottom level, we should agree that the job  opportunities for those ppl who rely on the physical efforts(may be uneducated) for their daily life has been drastically reduced nowadays since we have so many technical equipments that would make the wrk easier and even reduces the time , but on  the other side there are n no # of MNCs with n*n of opportunities available for the IT ppl..

By Parameshwari , System Associate, iGate Global  | 04 15 2011 09:26:03 +0000
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