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Primetime News

Created by : lalita , Post Graduate, Sikkim Manipal university  | 06 09 2010 11:20:22 +0000
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I think media has failed to full fill his social responsibility as because it is suffering from short term memory loss. They entertain or cover social services only for a day or two. As the day pass on, they move on to next news leaving behind the previous one and as I said our media is suffering from short term memory loss they tend to remember again when the similar kind of event happens. Media has talked much about the terrorism and security at railway stations, hospitals, and Public places but these are and will be a hot topic when such tragedy occurs, as soon as the days pass on all these will be kept in a cool box. Regular review should be done on each news they publish.

By Chandra shekhar, Technical Writer/Quality Assurance, CMMI 3 Software Company, Hyderabad  06 10 2010 11:51:04 +0000
at present media faild completely to bring harmony and true journalism .They are making news over news and they forget all issue very quickly.
By Pravin Raje, Asst. Manager/Manager (Technical), ONEIC  | 07 18 2010 11:03:12 +0000
At times it seems that media is doing its job of social responsibility very well take a few cases of Jessica murder and others where they have played an amazing role in getting the justice done.But then maximum of the times they are only thinking about their TRPs and air the programs where they find money. If media take its social role really seriously I feel that we can reduce corruption at least 50% with public support only.
By Anupam Pandey, Asst. Manager/Manager (Technical), Indian Air Force  | 07 18 2010 09:56:47 +0000
There is always a thin line between do & don'ts. And media has to understand it. Sum cases media has did it's duty very well but now it is more like business, News 24X7 is a business. Few years back there were only 2 or 3 news channels who were delivering sum quality newses. But now there is no quality only quantity. Today news channels actually dont understand that what is NEWS. Jo dikhta hai bikta the moto and this is business.
By Sachin Saxena, Assistant Manager - F&A, Infor Global Solutions  | 07 18 2010 08:34:39 +0000

Offcourse Media is the best source of information to reach the people, but they dont have responsibility of accomplishing the taken task.  They always hype an incident and forget about it.  People we are not aware what was happened to the incident finally.  They always want to inform first but they dont want keep track of it till it finish.  They might say given the time schedule we can do only Hype the situation and business always need Highlights dont want to know actual root cause or how to prevent/rectify/solve it.  I dont understand which external force is acting on them and why they are not free and fare. This helps the Big wiggs to evade their wrong doings.

Dharmendra  Vietnam

By Dharmendra , Accounts Manager, NIVL, Vietnam  | 07 18 2010 05:48:00 +0000

Chandra shekhar , You are right.

Media has failed it's social responsibility.

They have lost sense & you can say that they are purposly doing this.

They are always in search of "Breaking News".

There is race in between them for TRP.

You can come to know this by reading front page of any news paper .

By SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 06 10 2010 14:24:24 +0000

No they have fulfilled it and they are helping us also to fulfill it. Media is teaching us what is social responsibility and because of them many started following it. And they are more responsible they bring us everything what is happening around the world.


By Asmita Rai, Journalist, GBN  | 06 10 2010 10:54:08 +0000

Media (Newspaper/TV/Radio) has been reaching to millions of people of India. This itself explicitly entails a social responsibility. Journalism is indeed a tough task and demands a lot of discretion.cBut media, specially the TV media has become so much commercialized that people are creating news by themselves (sting operation) to be in the forefront in media competition

By TooStep Team, Consultant, TooStep  | 06 10 2010 10:19:20 +0000
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