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Created by : jitesh agrawal, managing partner, j m constructions  | 08 24 2009 06:37:33 +0000
Industry : Construction
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i think the signs in the industry at present show the beginning of recvovery from the global recession.

By jitesh agrawal, managing partner, j m constructions  08 24 2009 06:37:33 +0000

There are signs that the real estate market has started to recover after recession. But more importantly recession has brought forth the new need of economical apartments.The boom in real estate prior to recession was mainly on the growth of IT & expecting it to grow at good rate. But now customers & even the fiananciers are apprehensive in pledging majority of income towards owning a house. Many big developers have plans to launch affordable housing & that too with all amenities

By santosh kumar, Marketing Manager, AUTOMOBILE  | 09 08 2009 09:46:20 +0000

I also agree with this point. Real estate market in India is recovering from its bad days. Nowadays, it is generating more and more revenue and market is opening up.

By Anjali Bhatia, Construction-Heavy, Sobha Developers  | 08 24 2009 13:24:18 +0000
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