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Created by : Himanshu Pathak, Sr/Principal Coresspondent, Coresspondent  | 06 16 2009 05:36:11 +0000
Functional Area : Sports(Personal Interests)
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IPL proved to be bane on World Twenty20 !!!

Like it or not, the cash-lucrative Indian Premier League can't be ignored as it is proving both a boon and curse for cricketers taking part in the World Twenty20 here.

Ironically, our team that will view the latest edition of the IPL held in South Africa just prior to the T20 Worlds with mixed feelings.

The defending champions were deprived of the services of vice-captain and swashbuckling opener Virender Sehwag, who suffered a shoulder injury while leading the Delhi Daredevils.

Others who lost the plot were England, who lost influential all-rounder Andrew Flintoff after he was injured during his short sojourn with Chennai Super Kings, who bought him for a joint-record salary of 1.55 million dollars a year.

New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori did not take part in the World Twenty20 league phase or the first Super Eights match against Ireland due to a shoulder injury at the IPL.

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a 1.5 million-dollar signee with the Chennai team, refused to blame the IPL for Sehwag's absence.

"Injuries are part of a sportsman's life," he said. "They can happen anytime, anywhere. It's not right to blame the IPL for that."

The fat pay-packets go a long way in soothing tired limbs and jaded minds caused by the gruelling travel and helter-skelter cricket of the five-week IPL.

The next edition of the IPL takes place in March-April next year, a month before the next World Twenty20 in the Caribbean, just like this year.

What do you say?

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IPL is not a small leap in the Indian entrepreneurial effort! Its a huge step on a global platform and believe you me the exposure in SA has just added a huge benefit for an Indian business!! IPL 20 according to me was a much bigger success story than the ICC 20!!

Whether the players were tired, fatigued or not is some lame thing which I do not wish to get into at all, All I know is that its a game and people chosen to play are people who are doing it willingly and of course talent! I believe that our loss in ICC is not because of being tired but because of want of GOOD LEADERSHIP period!!

So the word is that ICC better perk up to beat IPL now!! Good thought Himanshu!

By Makrand Bhave, AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group  06 18 2009 05:59:41 +0000
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No doubt IPL is cash lucrative. But does a Business man or a Salaried person do not go to perform their duties daily. Similarly I think playing cricket is their job and IPL can be considered as the best practice session along with huge sum of money before a trounament like T20. Getting injured is the part of the game and can't be avoided. Nobody want's to get injured, if they fear injuries they can't play.

IPL if taken as a practice for T20 I think we have found some vulnerable players like Amit Mishra and few more who can ride the team further in coming tounament. Why we always think that the team is tired. It is an excuse that the players have to take leave as we have different accuses for having leave.

Duties are duties and when a billion of people are depending on 11 persons it is not only duty but responsiblity to keep the faith of the billion people and that is what they are paid off.

Today's phenomenon 'PERFORM or PERISH' should be application to cricket players also.

By Dinesh Raghav, Pre-Press Executive, Eli Research  06 17 2009 14:16:35 +0000

I believe fatigue was definitely a factor for our Indian Team & others......

The fatigue levels and the minor injuries they carried from the IPL to the ICC World Twenty20 contributed to the champions' early exit. I felt India never reached the "intensity that you need at the international game" where the standard of cricket is much higher than it was in the recent IPL.

The bottom line is that it does affect teams physically and mentally and let just hope for a better lead up into the 2010 World Twenty20 in the West Indies.......

By Himanshu Pathak, Sr/Principal Coresspondent, Coresspondent  | 06 16 2009 05:51:27 +0000

This games makes all players share their experience and when these players play world cup they are well aware of the opponents strength and weakness and the experience of IPL will help them a lot

By Nikhil , Senior Manager, Insurance  | 04 19 2010 12:54:43 +0000
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