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Created by : Samir Das, Tech Architect, Infosys  | 10 04 2008 09:45:10 +0000
Industry : InternetFunctional Area : Strategy Execution(Strategy & Execution)
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SEO, the process of improving ranking in search engine results.

Is SEO on Google worth the effort anymore? 

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Yes, SEO has to done to gain wide audience, better ranking and converting traffic to customers there by maximizing business. Getting good ranking and traffic always depend on how we execute and define keywords with the meta data.

By Greeshma Reddy, Regional Marketing Manager, eInflexion Pte Ltd  06 15 2010 04:59:19 +0000
Top Argument

Google the world,s biggest search engine. 65% world search on google and get useful information. If you go for SEO in Google your website visibility will b increase upto 70% and your site get good amount of traffic.

By avinashr , Webmaster, iYogi Inc  03 13 2009 07:59:38 +0000
Yes, till the time Google becomes Altavista of TODAY, it does make sense.
By Shabab Khan, Project Director, Interactive Avenues  | 06 15 2010 06:49:55 +0000


Actually i believe, worth of SEO depends on nature of business and industry segment. SEO is remarkable tool to generate traffic toward the website but not really effective for every industry if we talk about ROI.

for example: when we talk about "Export and Import / freight forwarding industry" than PPC is much better and result oriented solution. this industry don't want un-necessary internet traffic at their web; only concern for them is business leads. single business lead may worth of multi-thousand US dollars in single shot and renew business as well. if they people invest in PPC more aggressively than they may get much better returns.

Mohit Goel


By Mohit Goel | SEO & Reputation Mgt Consultant, Project Manager  | 12 31 2009 10:32:56 +0000

Yes, though the vagueries of SEO are exhausting, we must SEO for our clients because machine-to-machine (OWL stuff) isn't here yet. 

I would note that keywords are pretty much dead, and <description> should be obviated by the 'bots shortly (I mean, both meta areas are so inane upon reflection).




By Christopher Regan, CEO/MD/Director, HyperDisk  | 04 01 2009 18:16:53 +0000

SEO is not limited to improve rankings and traffic of a website only, but to convert that traffic in revenue.

By Manish Chauhan, Manager: Online Marketing, Infopro India Pvt Ltd  | 03 23 2009 10:33:34 +0000

Google support seo but modify some rules of webmaster time to time for best result.

By ravinder malik, SEO Analyst, Le Travanues Pvt. (  | 02 17 2009 11:46:49 +0000

Despite the fact that Google's little oopsies sometimes cause SEO to become a game of crap shoot, it is still worth it. That's a good thing too.

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By Sajid Baig, Team Leader -(NonTechnical), aqibsoftech  | 02 11 2009 05:02:37 +0000

Yes, ofcourse,

Optimization is job of expert and programmers forget to optimize site, SEO is like grooming you site to look better and attractive not only to search engine also to users.

Google know everything :)

By Amit Patekar, Project Manager, Anuva Technologies  | 01 17 2009 07:43:26 +0000
I vote yes that SEO on Google is still worth the effort. As long as I can see my own sites and client's site positioning well and drawing traffic from the organic SERPs, I'll continue to put forth the effort of SEO. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing a number 1 ranking that you've been striving for.
By Samir Das, Tech Architect, Infosys  | 10 04 2008 09:45:10 +0000
Google continually rewriting the ground rules, so its difficult for anyone what to do and what not to do.
By Ashish Bhansali, Project Manager, TCS  | 10 04 2008 10:08:54 +0000
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