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Created by : Sudeep Tarafdar, Senior Consultant, IBM  | 02 22 2010 13:59:48 +0000
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Galloping food prices have shattered family budgets across the country, with latest inflation data showing that prices rose at nearly 18% in the week ending February 6. Many essentials of Indian kitchens are almost beyond reach; sugar is up by nearly 60%, pulses by 46% and potatoes by 53% over a year. In a country already suffering from chronic malnutrition and low incomes, this trend is a killer.

Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) points out that if food security is to be really achieved, restricting the provision of subsidised grain to the BPL category is unlikely to do the trick. According to them, to improve availability of food grains and bring down their prices is channelling cheap food grains through a universal public distribution system.

So users, do you also agree that this process of Universal public distribution (PDS), the only way to beat hunger and tackle price spiral?

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In a perfect society, something like PDS would not be required at all. All private suppliers would themselves arrive at a "fair" price and sell uniformly at that value. Unfortunately commercial distribution has lost its sense of ethics. That is why a grain crop from farmer to the shop goes through multiple doubling in price. It is the middle man who makes the money not the farmer. The sense of proportion and logical and equitable pricing structure has been replaced by sheer blind drooling greed.

Under these circumstances, PDS is one bet to get the food out at reasonable is a solution for a while.....till the obvious corruption catches up and drowns any attempt!!

By RAMESH KANDADAI, Principal Consultant, ARM Consultants  02 23 2010 03:21:23 +0000
Top Argument

The Universal Public Distribution System and other stuff is all bull-shit. Also it will not be a good sign for the developing country like India. Let me tell you that problem lies at some other place and no body wants to counter that. There are three main reason for the increase in food grain / milk product prices

1. Increase in per capita income of the Indians

2. Stocking / black marketing

3. No / negative growth in agricultural products

Let us take it one by one.

1. With the excellent growth in last 7-9 years the per capita income of the Indian has increased. So there is a large shift from Poor people to Lower income group people. We must remember that such shift can increase the demand by many folds as the population of poor people was quite high in our country.

When the people gets the money then they would like to first spend for fooding needs then to clothing and then to other necessities. Over and above we had negative growth on the agricultural sector. So the combination of these two effect the food prices are increasing.

Let us take two example to prove the above points. Last yeast the rice product was highest in Indian history but also the prices of rice has been increased that is due to more consumption by the people shifted from poor to Lower middle income group.

Also the milk product growth in last year was over 9 percent but also there is shortage of milk. That is again due to increase in consumption.

2. The Indian business mans are very opportunistics and they are taking the advantage of situation. At the same time the Goverment is not in position to control that.

3. There are many reasons for no / negative growth in agricultural sector. Some of the reason like more job opportunity in Urban area, conversion of farming lands to residential lands etc etc.

So dear we have to attack the above three problems collectively and this surely can not be done with Universal public distribution system. Also there is no point in touching to point 1 as that is the good thing happening in India.


Praveen varma


By Praveen varma, Sr Manager, Reliance Industries  02 23 2010 17:52:13 +0000

Mr. Praveen
That's just too sad of us to follow what a US official believed to be the reason for the  increase in prices of the basic food commodity. (that Indians have started to consume more)
The three reasons as popped by your intellect in no way explains the plight of financially stricken poor population of the country.
You say there are have been a marginal increase in the belly capacity of Indians in last 7-9 years as they got more money, so they started to consume more food. I ask you how many people got shifted to the low income households ? Are you trying to tell me that people who used to beg 7-9 years back don't do it anymore or the labor which build houses have started to live in their own house recently or farmers who cultivate on a foreign land have started to buy their own lands when the prices for lands have shot up tremendously in the last decade ? WHAT CATEGORY OF PEOPLE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WENT ON TO BECOME A FINANCIALLY STABLE CLASS ?? Poor has only gotten his stomach stepped on, then and now.

Its not the poor who went up,its not the poor who started to enjoy the luxury of 4 meals a day,its not the poor who got their kids in Better schools, except 'em its all who have switched from Finger Chips to Lasagne. 
Universal PDS is a solution for poor. Your Current FPS system, which is supposed to be "FAIR", doesn't need anymore highlighting here to point out how inaccurate it has been proved to. You really want to know who is in luxury right now ? ITS THE MIDDLEMAN, and we all know it. You want to feed them more, keep PDS out of the picture.  
I'm not supporting that their is no corruption in PDSs but transparency can solve and dissolve the issues and moreover serve in a better way.
So before we rule out anything,lets rethink who we are concerned to serve to and who we are supporting.

By Ankur Kharolia, B.Tech/B.E. student, National Institute Of Technology (NIT), Suratkal  | 12 25 2011 06:58:35 +0000

This expenditure is justified. Because, over 50% of children in India are underweight and nearly 75% of women are anaemic. Despite record harvests every year, the amount of cereals and pulses available per person has been steadily declining. Also, in this present period of food inflation, the people of BPL are not capable enough to buy the food products because of their price.

By Sudeep Tarafdar, Senior Consultant, IBM  | 02 22 2010 14:02:17 +0000

Continuing the Praveen argument, I wish to add that our PDS is in tatters. Food assigned to it goes to the traders and black marketers. Also the BPL families whom PDS aims to support neither have money to buy ration in one go neither they have power to pressurize  ration shop owner to distribute the supply. So ultimately everything allocated for poor goes into the pockets of black marketers.  

By Rahul Mishra, BD Manager, Appolo Educational Services  | 09 05 2011 09:10:41 +0000


By rakesh dubey, OPERATION EXECUTIVE & SUPPLY CHAIN , GLOBUS STORES PVT LTD  | 02 25 2010 10:06:28 +0000

eventhough strong and efficient PDS will help to provide food to many people, that is not the only way out there...about 70% of our land is under agriculture and it contributes only very less to the economy.this state has to change.indian agriculture industries output per hectare is among the lowest in many fields.this should change.It can be seen that government is ready to fund, but there is no clear direction in which the activities should takeplace.

By Suhail ali, MBA/PGDM student, SCMS-COCHIN  | 02 23 2010 14:41:06 +0000

i support sasi's argument,first we should try to increase production in agriculture,govt. should have to take some decisions in regard this,originally our country is agriculture, we have take some steps to improve our current position. & UPDS Is not a proper step.

By vaibhav shashikant ghumatkar, Freelancer, Freelancer  | 02 23 2010 13:20:28 +0000

Well said Ujjaval....agree with you

By Nitin M Aras, Head/VP/GM-Tech. Support, ODTIN Food Solutions Pvt Ltd  | 02 23 2010 09:50:37 +0000

Really ironical figures Sudeep. We should be resolved to eradicate this within coming years rather talking about we being a super power in terms of GDP.

Coming to debate, I don't think this premise to be correct that even after record food productions there is world wide shortage of food, rather people are wasting it more like we do with every other resource we have.

Reports in NY times & BBC suggests that annually people in US waste 27% of edibles available & in Britain people dump about 3.6mt of it. No need to tell situation in our country where lacs of tons of crop gets roted due to mere negligence lying in warehouses & even at ports.

Thirdly the PDS has a major flaw where its operated by covetous traders & the major chunk of it does not reach where its needed.

It should have different operational mode like running it through or with NGO's.

Open distribution in places like Govt school grounds at specific time/date could also work well saving all the costs by direct distribution from warehouse to that place to card holders.

By ujjval jain, Retail, Retail  | 02 23 2010 09:34:38 +0000

This is a dangerous decision. Already we are facing scarcity of food. Free distribution of food will further reduce the quantity of food and increase the food price because of which, common man like us will suffer the most.

By Sasi Dash, Art Director/Sr Art Director, U TV  | 02 22 2010 14:05:29 +0000
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