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Marketing & Branding

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Created by : Atul Malhotra, Business Manager, CIPLA Pharmaceuticals  | 07 31 2010 12:14:52 +0000
Industry : Pharmaceuticals
Keywords : business manager
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there is no scope of growth in decline stage Vs growth will depend on market and its strategy
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Growth depends somewhat on market but largely on strategy.

Market itself is evident that if the one adopt wrong strategy then fall is inevitable. Decline never happens in one day. It always happen in stages. But if one identify the stage of the downfall and correct its strategy then the chances of big growth is always there.

Lets take example of the organisation working in very competitive growing market. Company has done pricing of one of its product A ( contributes 30% to the total sale of the organisation) by benchmarking the pricing of the established product B. They reduce their price of product A 40% w.r.t. product B and got good growth. Later growth came month after month. Now company got the feeling that their Product A is beating product B in the market and got feeling that they became leader. But as per the market situation the product A has to be stabilised and get the level of creating PULL in the market. Now comapny reduced the gap amongst Product A and product B of competition by 30%. In one day it gone higher than that of product B.This move became a turning point for the product A and started degrowing as the price difference has to be reduced slowly and slowly as per the apetite of the market.

So one always sdopt the right strategy so as to get the sustainable growth even in decline satge also.Because its not the tool that works its a strategy to correctly and effectively use of the tool that works.



By Ashok Jaswal, Head - Business Excellence, Birla Tyre  10 30 2010 11:26:47 +0000
it would be better to go through a rigorous advertising of product at its PLC decline. Product should be marketed as an upgraded product with few added features, it will help it to grow up sales further and will prevent the product from vanishing from market. product Add-on features shud be there at Decline stage of product PLC
By Anteriksh Shrivastava, Executive - Busienss Developemt, Location Guru  | 12 29 2010 06:56:48 +0000

I will favour side B

By Atul Malhotra, Business Manager, CIPLA Pharmaceuticals  | 07 31 2010 12:14:52 +0000
We as marketing professionals predit market movement depending on our experiences and market & product study. Nobody promise market movement. If product is in its decline stage, boost some new idea, new strategy, new market segment, present product with some add-on, definitely growth will happen.
By Sunil Wadekar, Sales/BD Manager, xxxxxxxx  | 12 28 2010 19:05:13 +0000
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