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Created by : Ameet Ranjan, Regional HR - North India, Maclellan Integrated Services India Pvt Ltd  | 01 07 2010 12:04:32 +0000
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This is quite a little bit tough topic. We can approach this topic in many ways

          1.Regarding.societal status now a day’s women are given equal status.

          2.But from the point of safety

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Position of Women in India compared to other nations, is bad Vs No, its good
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We have long way to go what we a have achieved is nothing .See all the developed countries they have a gender equality without that we as nation will not succeed considering that they form the 50 % of population if they are not empowered it means 50% of population is not empowered and developed. To enjoy wholesome growth and development it is absolutely  necessary we provide for equality , growth and safety- the logic is that simple

By R.SANJAY GREGORY WILLIAMS, HR-Admin MNager, CItrisys solutions  | 02 01 2010 06:57:48 +0000

Though women are given reservations in many sectors, but we lack in providing safety measures to women when compared with other countries. The attitude towards women must be changed. Severe punishment must be given to culprits who indulge in crimes. This is the main point where we lack when compared with other nations. In Arab countries if any person commits heinous crime like rape, he is given capital punishment or severe punishment is given depending upon the crime he has done. In India, we don’t have any such law. Recently her driver, but what punishment was given to the culprit murdered a call center women employee????? Either fine will be charged or he will be put in jail for 3-4 months. Will this fine be the correct punishment for the culprit??? The law must be changed; punishment must be made severe, so that no other person even thinks of committing such crimes against women.

By Ameet Ranjan, Regional HR - North India, Maclellan Integrated Services India Pvt Ltd  | 01 07 2010 12:04:32 +0000

Mr. Amit, to some extent, I agree with you but what my point is the scenario today is not exactly like wat you are saying. Whatever bad situation is there with women is only confined till villages, small towns and financially poor and illiterate populations. But today's India is not like what it was a decade ago. Today women are successful than men in many places in this land. Their condition, though not as good as that of women in US or European countries but far better than middle east, african and many Asian countries (The majority of world population).

By Maneesh Jain, Business Analyst, Oracle  | 01 08 2010 13:05:54 +0000
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