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Created by : shayan belliappa, Digital media intern, Greenpeace India  | 01 04 2011 08:02:56 +0000
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supporting renewable energy as the solution to energy crisis Vs other sources of energy
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We live in a country which is blessed with abundance of resources from mother earth resources like wind ,water,solar and biomass.Although we have all this at our disposal we are still in a state of deep scarcity.

Energy is the one of the paramount factors that keeps the lives going it is the base of all the developments happening in the country.It is a crucial factor for growth and development.There are various forms of energy broadly categorized into the conventional and the unconventional energy. the conventional includes the fossil fuel that comes from coal, wood and natural gas and the unconventional ones include the solar ,wind, biomass etc.

The sources of conventional energy is depleting at a alarming rate and some thing needs to be done in the near future or we reach the doomsday.Energy crisis seems to be the need of the hour.There is a close relationship between the availability of energy and growth of a country.Inspite of 45 fold increase in generation of electricity,6 fold increase in coal productionand 130 fold increase in production of crude in india in the last four decades.There is a major shortage of energy and the gap between the availability and demand is widening.

The only solution to this would be to make use of the unconventional sources of energy like wind,solar biomass. These are the sources which are renewable which do not cause pollution on which we can rely forever. There would never be a day in our lives where we would have remorses. Constant efforts in the last two decades is finally bearing fruits where people have started believing theat renewable energy is the only solution.

India now ranks as a "wind superpower" with an installed wind power capacity of 1167MW and about 5 billion electrical units have been fed to the national grid.

Solar energy is the most widely used source and solar photovoltaics can be extensively used for the decentaralized power supply that can be widely used in the rural areas .This could be a solution to the energy disparity thts is widely seen in our country. Thanks to organizations like Greenpeace who are constantly working towards it.

Can we see an energy secure India in the near future?

Can we all make small contributions by switching to the renewable energy?

Small Contributions from you and me for the betterment of Earth




By shayan belliappa, Digital media intern, Greenpeace India  01 04 2011 08:02:56 +0000
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