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Created by : Sivaramakrishnan , Trainee, First Planet Technology  | 06 03 2010 05:15:18 +0000
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New technologies, adapting people,to change and to thing highe Vs Poor people r struggling to attain their basic need
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Yes ure right dear

By Deepak , M.Sc student, Ocean Net Technologies  | 07 15 2010 17:11:53 +0000
in our country there are huge opportunities to grow but the people who are very poor don't have the knowledge about these opportunities so they are struggling but the rich people using all the chances and ways to grow up in their life
By Moparthi Sai Ramya Sree, Software Developer, Virtusa (India)  | 06 03 2010 05:40:09 +0000
Even though india seems to be developing country,we can see in Metro cities,one side there will be huge infrastructure,IT parks,Big Malls etc,but on other side u can see poor people house,near to it,poor people r getting poorer,they r just struggling a lot....
By Sivaramakrishnan , Trainee, First Planet Technology  | 06 03 2010 05:15:18 +0000
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