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Created by : Dinesh , MBA/PGDM student, PROTON bschool, ahmd.Gujarat  | 08 17 2010 08:41:22 +0000
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i am going to focus on a very serious issue that should military training be made compulsory for youth? India is a country with a lot of patriotic tales shining in its history. We are the one where the first thing that a child learns is to live for his country. The schools have a curriculum to plant patriotism in our children. But if this is true then why are the Indian students not willing to join the armed forces? Why they want to study & settle down in abroad? Why the young ones are more focused in achieving personal goals? The Indian armed forces are lacking the youth with will & wisdom to protect the honour of the country. What should be done to encourage the youth to work towards national progress & help the country achieve its goals? Well i have a thought or rather you say plan to get our youth back. In certain countries in the world, their citizens are required to serve the nation for a specified period of time as military personnel. Can we do the same in our country? I say yes, we can. Providing basic military training to the youth will result in a better and well motivated youth which can serve the country at the time of requirement. I know that the idea is revolutionary one but i have certain facts to support my idea. In the Indo-Pak war of 1965, when the forces were in need of resupply. A bunch of motivated youths in the form of civil defense rendered their services in maintaining the law and order. It was certainly a great help to the police and administration to keep a check of war measures like black out etc during the air attack. The military training will result in a youth capable to withstand any challenge. The youths can serve the nation in case of an emergency. Moreover there are other advantages of providing military training. The training will motivate our youth to serve the country and will help in cultivating the feeling of patriotism in the youth. It is well known that discipline is necessary for success and achieving the goals. This military training will develop a trained and better organized youth which will yield better results in all the fields. Under this scheme i propose that all the citizens should mandatorily be imparted with the military training. The training should include basic knowledge of arms, survival during critical situations and escape procedures during disasters. The youth should be given primary knowledge of the natural as well as man-made disasters and the procedures to tackle such situation effectively. The programs like National Cadet Corps (NCC) & National Scout & Guide should be practiced at large scale in all the institutions. I am opined that the school curriculum should be amended accordingly to include this training from the gross root level. This will definitely help in motivating the youth to join the armed forces who are in real need of youth in all the ranks. With this i end my words and hope you to start thinking.
By Dinesh , MBA/PGDM student, PROTON bschool, ahmd.Gujarat  | 08 17 2010 08:41:22 +0000
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