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Created by : Jyoti Kapoor, HR Manager, Cybage Software  | 03 25 2010 12:02:59 +0000
Industry : InternetFunctional Area : Performance Management(People Management)
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Although social media tools have gained momentum among the Internet users, but Indian offices particularly, have restrictive policies that prevent their employees from using these to their business advantage. Majority of the organisations have prohibited the use of social media applications or similar collaboration tools at work.

India, with 96% of its IT decision makers prohibit the use of these tools in the workplace, ranks on top in viewing these tools through the security prism, followed by the UK, Italy and Japan. The biggest reason cited by the Indian IT decision makers is security. Each employee having a specific way of working, cost, and the difficulty to actually get employees to use technology are other barriers to adoption of various collaboration technologies.

So users, do you think Indian offices should put restrictions on social media?

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In my 30+ years of professional service I have noticed one thing. Prohibit something out right, people will find a way to do it. Social sites at work for work purposes is also not ok as it vitiates the purpose of the site 

What I would suggest is that employers be realistic about such can let the sites be accessible during non-office hours such as lunch time and evening. Employees may be encouraged to be more disciplined about what they do and when.

By RAMESH KANDADAI, Principal Consultant, ARM Consultants  03 26 2010 04:34:36 +0000
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I don't think Indian offices should put any kind of social media. It has nothing to do with security. Its only an excuse of not letting the employee access any other website during work hours but they should also know that employee access social networking just as refreshment. They don't leave all their workd and access social networking sites for the whole day.

By Jyoti Kapoor, HR Manager, Cybage Software  03 25 2010 12:05:30 +0000

YES... I have stated it before & I state it again, this time with an example...

I have Written & Designed a Corporate Book called " Code of Ethics " for a very Big Industrial Giant in Maharashtra...

The Book clearly states - Employees should not use Internet Facility for their personal purposes, which includes various Chat sites & Porn sites too...

Since it is very difficult to keep track, the sane decision is to NOT ALLOW USAGE of Social or other Networking sites... and it is even more difficult to keep track of " Permitted Time Usage", means during breaks & before & after Office hours etc.

Happy Debating Friends !  

By Naushad H.L., Creative Director, MAD COMMUNICATION  | 03 27 2010 05:16:15 +0000

YES... Since it is very difficult for Management to exercise control over the usage of Social Networking by their Employees, it is BETTER TO STOP THE USAGE !

The Management might have another reason for doing this... They are afraid that certain dissatisfied employees might tarnish the Company Image PLUS the Human Tendancy of GOSSIPING, which is equally prevalant in Men & Women.

There are many many chances of Business & Operational Company Secrets 'Hopping Out' and circulated in the Market, which can definately dampen the Company Market Image. Human nature says that... once a person gets talking, a lot of information POPs out, which should not be disclosed. Specially if there is a Woman at the other end. 

I am sure Social Networking during work hours can definately Hamper the Output & Dedicated Performance of Employees, so Management feels it is better they use it from their own homes & at their liesure hours.

I SEE NO HARM IN IT... After all Employers want Value for their Human Investment... RIGHT ?

Happy Debating Friends ! 

By Naushad H.L., Creative Director, MAD COMMUNICATION  | 03 26 2010 09:41:31 +0000

Yes , I also believe that once one sets foot inside one's place of work , then social media should not figure in one's thoughts.

In today's complex world , with its level of multitasking , gossip has no place ; and gossip is invariably what takes place on most IM sites. Very little official business is transacted.

As for using such avenues to destress , all it does is distract one from doing things which will actually destress an employee.

One of the major reasons for stress at the workplace is a failure to live up to expectations , a failure to perform. The solution to this is to work harder , smarter , instead of spending time on IM sites.

Calling such sites collaborative technology is like calling genocide population control.

There are genuine collaborative software packages available , which allow for proper collaboration between team members on projects. These should be used.

By K. NARAYAN, None, None  | 03 26 2010 04:20:36 +0000

Absolutely YES. During work hours, if you can't deliver in time, not because of the problem (work) was so tough that it took long, but because you wasted time social networking, which can be done off working hours or in break. But people cannot control themselves and so it makes organisations to forcibly make them work and no bakwas (time waste)

By Rahul Dantkale, Software Developer, Indigo Architects  | 03 25 2010 15:00:05 +0000

Dear Jyoti,

Should Indian offices....? Now does it mean to convey Indians are less responsible? 

Even if so making people feel responsible to their assigned tasks and enhancing mechanism to better performance is much preferred approach. I feel.

Excessive restrictions or monitoring can be counterproductive at best.

By Ravindra Sharma, Managing Consultant, CHEF-India  | 05 13 2010 07:28:24 +0000

One can understand the sentiment behind a ban. We are assumed(& quite correctly) to be not self disciplined, so always end up under constant mentoring. It, maybe makes a case for the mgmts. to justify restrictions under one psuedonym or another.

Mobile is turning into a handy social networking tool with lighter apps customized to its processing ability, & is generally very hard to monitor. Wonder how 3G may make people loose sleep.

By Puneet Mahajan, Software Engineer, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited  | 03 26 2010 15:09:07 +0000

no should not

By dilip naik, News Editor, News Channel  | 03 26 2010 13:06:01 +0000

Social networking could be used as an alternative to help employees destress. Though monitoring of contents & file uploads, ought to be maintained. Orgnisations need to respect their employees as responsible beings, assuming they will be aware of consequences of conflicting & deviating behaviour to proper conduct expected. 

By Puneet Mahajan, Software Engineer, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited  | 03 25 2010 12:58:39 +0000
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