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Created by : Nikhil , Senior Manager, Insurance  | 02 05 2010 14:48:17 +0000
Industry : Human Resources (HR) ConsultingFunctional Area : Talent Management(People Management)
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As we near March we will see many exits in our organisations it what I call a "migration of employees period"

Given this thought I am just wondering if a person employed in a company is not satisfied with his pay though his reporting manager has given him a good rating but still after putting 2-3 yrs of service and then gets a great offer from a new company a competitior

Should that person not taek up the job

Is his reporting authority to be blamed for the exit

Is motivation the only way a employee can be retained by company and if still the empolyee leave is that employees boss solely responsible for the exodus

Just spare athough on this, all of us have left our jobs for better ones but is this blaming the boss by the company justified

Is the Management of that company not responsible at all


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We must not try to shift responsibility on others, if we are not competent enough to make our employees dedicated enough.

Through this question the management and manager have been tried to be considered as two different entities. But, the question arises, is not the manager part of the management? Certainly, he is the part and parcel of management. Employee retention is also his main responsibility. Motivation does not only consist of financial benefits, but have several other intangible forms also to motivate the employee to work for the company.

The most important part of his retention is his job satisfaction, mental peace, care by his boss, understanding his problems, mutual trust between and employee and the boss, social status, fatherly, brotherly or friendly treatment by boss and not always showing his bossism, etc.

I can recall once instance of some 27 years back when I was a manager of just one unit of a demographic area. One day, Area Manager asked me Mr. Dhingra, what is special in your unit that I get requests from several employees of other units to transfer them to your unit and how we can accede to the requests of so many employees? Of course, I was really stunned to know that, as that was quite a new thing for me, as I never knew that employees of other units were willing to work with me. But, that was only due to the goodwill that I could earn unknowingly on account my special attention towards my subordinates. In fact due to that my nature, I also topped in all round performance in the organization as a whole due to the working efficiency of my satisfied employees. While I cared for them they took care of me in seeing me at the top of my organization.

So, management is not only dictating our bossism. Its duties have to be discharged, as a head of the family, using our vision and right kind of leadership. In other words, a manager has to be a leader and friend both for his employees. Only this bond of a manager-employee makes possible the employee satisfaction and retention. If he gets due affection from you, he will never think of leaving the organization, except in compelling circumstances.

By PS Dhingra, CEO & Vigilance & Transformation Management Consultant, Dhingra Group of Management & Educational Consultants  02 26 2010 10:58:21 +0000


As a manager myself I would be extremely upset with myself if I knew that someone from my team was leaving to join competition because for me then I have failed in my duty to motivate, challenge, protect and empathise with the person concerned. Why would someone want to leave a job? the answer to that would probably be a) he is not motivated any more and he feels he is not being given his due value b) he finds that his job has become monotonous and routine so he is not challenged by his present profile c) the office environment is no more conducive to work - office politics, harrasment from collegues, being constantly singled out, favouratism etc.

As a manager or boss one should be able to address the above points effectively. Motivation might be of various kinds although most often it is linked to money. If a person is working for a salary less than what he/she should be getting then the management should be able to set things right. In some cases the staff would work happily but then due appreciation for his loyalty is not addressed. You might have a new person coming in doing the same job and earning more, and this happens alot. Dedicated staff should be rewarded with promotions and should be entrusted with more responsibilities. The management increases its value in the eyes of the staff at probably a lesser cost. Manager/Boss is responsible in making the work place a fun place to be considering staff members spend the better part of the day there. If they are not able to do so they are failing in their job hence staff dissatisfaction. Last but most importantly the Manager/Boss should be able to be objective and never play the divide and rule policy as it will turn and bite someday down the line.

If after looking at the above issues there is still no way of holding the staff back and he is keen to take up another posting the manager/boss should allow the person to leave gracefully and on good terms and not be vindictive in its settlement of dues, that way everybody would be happy.   

By Ivano da Costa, Branch Head, Pheroze Framroze & Co. Pvt. Ltd.  | 03 04 2010 08:21:06 +0000
In my opinion it is the manager’s responsibility to follow-up and learn as much as they can know why the employee has decided to make a change and then HR should conduct an exit interview that includes questions about leadership, the organization, salary, benefits, environment and more. There might be more of an onus on the immediate manager because it's their job to ensure the employee is challenged, has enough responsibilities and tasks, and provides the best possible avenues for career advancement and success. If the immediate manager was not working towards these goals, then there may be a bit of blame that can be attributed.

By Nikhil Jain, Senior Consultant, Hewitt Associates  | 02 08 2010 10:39:37 +0000

Manager's can recommend..! We can say one and only source for down line which can help to down line colleagues to come up. But it depends on management give or not gives. Because their jobs are safe until they are earning hand for company. Whatever it is from business or from employs coast cutting.

By gajender bhargava, Cust. Service Executive, jumbo electronic llc ltd u.a.e  | 02 18 2010 15:16:34 +0000

I belive the Management of the company is responsible becasue

1) If he/she was a good resource hence he/she got good ratings from his boss but the company did not choose to encrease his / her salary

2) Motivation does help you increase standard of living of a person alone

3) Motivation does not help you lead a decent life alone 

4) Bosses also know the value of a good resource but the management (company) may choose to ignore the views of the boss

5) It is all based on how the relation of the boss has with his boss and how the bigger boss has relation with his reporting authority

 6) Motivation does not help you  fulfill all yur basic needs

By Nikhil , Senior Manager, Insurance  | 02 05 2010 14:48:17 +0000
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