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Topic : 2009 General Elections : Key Issues
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Our Voice in Elections '09 |

My vision

Created by : Shaju George, Facilities/Construction Manager, IBS Software Services (P) Ltd  | 03 30 2009 11:27:30 +0000
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BJP leader L K Advani has said that Dr Manmohan should contest the election if he nourished any ambition to become the PM. Advani also said that the BJP will make it mandatory for the prime minister to be a member of the Lok Sabha, if it is voted to power.

What's your openion?

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Paul, you are right : The Constitution of India ,As per Dr. Ambedkar The Draft Constitution in recommending the parliamentary system of Executive,with the President as the nominal head of the Executive and the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers wielding actual power.

Least did Dr. Ambedkar anticipate  a scenario of  Jai Vande Rome! A repetition of 2004 election could be plausible. And Mr. Advani, is quite late to vouch an amendment. Unless the voting mass prevails sanity!

By Shiuli Mukherji, Head Strategy Plan- , Region SEA  04 22 2009 05:59:57 +0000
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In Indian democratic set up, unlike President of U.S, people do not elect a Prime Ministers by exclusive voting for the post of Prime Minister.  

Prime Ministers are supposed to be chosen after  the election by the elected members of a party or a coalition of parties, who can stake a claim for forming the government.

The Prime Minister nominee can be from among the members according to the majority decision of the elected members of those parties, and if there is no one suitable, a sitting member in Rajya Sabha,or any other suitable person who can later  get nominated to Rajya Sabha or contest and win from any Lok Sabha cosntuency.

By Abraham Paul, Senior Telecom Consultant, FCOMNET- Future Groups  03 31 2009 12:35:45 +0000





Vote with open eyes...

Please spare some time & go through this link before you vote!



Vote wisely after accessing all the info!


By ABHIJIT KULKARNI, Project Manager, BNP Paribas  | 04 24 2009 06:07:38 +0000

Abraham--Thanks for the explaination--but we are aware of the simple fact.

By law there is no problem in being PM from Rajyasabha.

But whatever is law is not necessarily the best.

Everyone is entitled to their views and I like others believe The Prime minister should come from Loksabha(If it is current political system, can change if some other formation comes)

The Prime Minister should directly be liable to the People of India(In this case to his constituency)

People of PM's constituency will judge the candidate should win atall--Being PM is next step.

Anyways--This is just belief--Who cares--I am not Ambedkar after all.

How can we even think there can be other ways that Ambedkar or Gandhi din't show? They are fathers after all. :)

By Sayan Chakraborty, Senior ERP Consultant, International Business machines  | 04 21 2009 19:39:14 +0000

In my opinion, PM should always be from Lok sabha and he should reach parliment by we ,the people of india only, not by the set of MPs. It brings the direct connectivity of leader of country to the people of country.

By Sanjay Sharma, Sr. Manager, Ultratech Cement Ltd  | 04 16 2009 18:42:56 +0000

yes the prime ministerial candidate should be a Loksabha member so that the person will be elected by the people not by the legislatures.

By balakrishna , Production Manager, anucoco food products (p) ltd  | 04 15 2009 07:07:09 +0000


The PM should not only selected by people (MP), the process of nominating after election should also change.

I don’t like idea of any ERA-GARA becoming PM who has no quality/vision to lead the nation but becomes PM because of family/family loyalty or with 45-50 MPs(we have already seen 3-4 PMs in monthly tenures) .


The political party should announce their PM candidate before election and people should select directly to them, no other candidate should allowed to become PM after election and using bypass(Rajya Sabha). 


God bless India!!!


By Satish Verma, Senior Technical Lead, HCL Technologies  | 04 03 2009 01:50:55 +0000

definetly yes


By varsha , Head/VP/GM-Quality, frac  | 03 31 2009 15:47:17 +0000

The person wishing to become PM must have wide public acceptability which can be ascertained only if he faces the electorate in a democracy. A Rajya Sabha member may be an eminent personality but may also be elected by political manipulation in the Indian democracy to further the cause of a particular family.

By Upendra Pratap Singh, Head/VP/GM-R&D, SAIL,Bokaro Steel Plant  | 03 31 2009 11:57:40 +0000

In my opinion, the PM candidate should contest the election and should be a member of Lokh Sabha. Rajya Sabha membership is left with parties where as Lokh Sabha membership is decided by the public.

By Shaju George, Facilities/Construction Manager, IBS Software Services (P) Ltd  | 03 31 2009 10:54:54 +0000

Yes, Definitely,a person who will be a prime minister of our country should be a member of Lok Sabha.

Until and unless a candidate is contesting and winning a seat in Lok Sabha , how can he or she be a Prime Minister of our country because if a candidate is not chosen by the public to lead them since a primary requirement for being an MP is to win the votes of the public., so if that also a candidate doesn't win then he is failed in the first step itself and a failure can't be a PM of such a big country.

So, i think a person who will be a PM should contest Lok Sabha elections.



By Ankit , Associate/Senior Associate CareerNet Consulting  | 03 31 2009 09:25:47 +0000

i second shajuand sudeep tarafadar but I personally feel all the pm aspirants should participate in  a 100m race from india gate to parliament first . then & then only their suitability for the prized post can be adjudged best.

if a pm can run , he can make hindustan run in the direction of +ve development.

By Ajay Ziz, Dy. Registrar,, University of Jammu  | 03 31 2009 08:41:39 +0000

yes i also agree that PM should contest the elections from lok sabha otherwise its not correct by political parties to elect somebody as our prime minister who will run the country for 5 years without actually choosing him as our leader.

By Sudeep Tarafdar, Senior Consultant, IBM  | 03 31 2009 05:47:40 +0000

Shaju hats off to you for creating this hot debate. yes i completely agree with you that prime minister should contest the elections from lok sabha because we just vote for the members who are standing from our states, regions etc. and based on which a particular party comes into power and they themselves decide to whom to elect the prime minister of the country which is not fair for the general public because we don't get to decide our prime minister.

so yes prime minister should contest the elections from lok sabha.

what do you guys say???

By Radhakrishna Marar, Business Analyst, Oracle  | 03 31 2009 05:33:49 +0000

Its must, Prime minister must have to participate in the election process not becaz Mr. Advani telling this .... its becaz they should knw the value of PM post and the reason also.

By AMOD KUMAR YADAV, General Manager - RDK INTERNATIONAL LLC  | 03 30 2009 12:33:56 +0000

According to me, in present political scenario envisaging only a coalition  government, discussion of a would be Prime Minister is meaningless. There are many leaders in different political parties, to give some much needed rest to a 'good hearted'  ex P.M. The P.M  debate happened only because BJP had pushed Congress to name one, hoping an in fight  to happen among   senior leaders in Congress party on this issue.  Also BJP must have hoped that Congress Party would be  naive enough to name Rahul Gandhi as P.M, giving them a sharper weapon and easier target.

The issue in this election is not who will become Prime Minister. This election will be  a turning point in Indian politics in which both BJP and Congress would suffer heavy loss and hence will have lesser say in formation  of Central Government. Votes of other than  the hard core party followers will be divided between the National parties  (BJP & Congress), the regional parties and Independents.

Future of the country depends on how various regional

parties get grouped together themselves to form a

government with or without support of one or the other 

national parties. The outcome  of such coalition will

surely depend on common acceptance, initially of P.M

and then the Ministers  from various parties in the 

coalition. It will not be surprising if there are many

PMs, Deputy PMs and panel of ministers in rotation

during the tenure. If it happens to be a ten party 

coalition, there will be a new P.M and new set of 

Ministers in every six months.  Also we will have dozens

 of PMs  and hundreds of Ministers in waiting.  With so many

Independents in the fray, every M.P in the coalition will be

 a minister in wating.

Look to where the politicians have hijacked the country's fate. 

(May God save this country).

It all reminds me of the old saying in my vernacular

"Pothu janam kazhutha allo"   

(Sorry, no offence meant)

By P. Abraham Paul, MD FCOMNET  | 04 22 2009 08:33:05 +0000

i beg to differ on your views sir, it is right that the person of PM's calibre should pass the floor test called direct voting by electorate, but, pl think as per our constitution any one who enjoys the majority of MP's in parliament can become PM.nominating any person as PM before polls is just a mimick and voter does not have any say if other person has been chosen as PM after my opinion, it is highly irrevelent that PM should be from Lok sabha only bcoz there is no much difference in the origin of PM candidate as he/she tends to work according to his/her party ideology.

By jairaj shyam prasad, Production Manager, BOSCH Ltd  | 04 01 2009 14:49:22 +0000

Friends, Election is round the corner. This is the time, to take the statements of politicians lightly. Becoz they are intended to impress/confuse the voters. This statement is specifically to target PM & PM (I mean Prime Minister & Pranab Mukherjee). In all years of his political career, why LKAdvani ji did not get this idea before? For full 5 years, he was in position of power to implement this.

This suggestion is also not as simple as it appears. If he is serious about this, he should come out with comlplete proposal on role of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, limitations of powers of their members. He should also explain, if Rajya Sabha member can not become PM, what is the function of Rajya Sabha in Democratic set-up?

By Prakash Saitwal, Technical Support Manager, Aditya Birla Management Corporation P. Ltd.  | 04 01 2009 10:52:30 +0000
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