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Created by : Mahendra Kumar, commercial engineer, bharat heavy elctricals limited(BHEL) jhansi  | 11 14 2010 03:48:38 +0000
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it is prevailing Vs not prevailing
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Dear Friends There are certain truth which can not be neglected. I am a man with total village background. My village is not alone in UP but several others are where ELECTRICITY is still a dream . Subcaste are highly prevailing in states of UP,MP,Rajasthan,Orrisa,Bihar and even in the southern part of India among Prajapati community. Subcaste play a vital role in the marriages. One sub caste thinks of supremacy over other. It is not only prevailing in KUMHAR Samaj but every body is part of it may be RAJPUTS,YADAVS or BRAHMINS. However effects of the subcaste are slowly eliminating as the people are getting educated. I would like to intimate that we KUMHAR/PRAJAPATI brothers are 5% (Approx. 05 Crore) in India playing a major for the development and progress of India. I myself also belong to VARDIYA subcaste ,my beloved late father even doesn't allow me to get married in sub caste other than Vardiya. However at present I do feel it doesn't make a difference in todays world. Differences among the subcaste are being bridged as the people are getting educated. I MAKE EARNEST APPEAL TO ALL PRAJAPATI BROTHER/SISTERS TO PLAY A PIVOTAL FOR EDUCATING THE PEOPLE OF OUR COMMUNITY. With the education these differences will surely be eliminated. In villages our community is one of the Poorest. People are being exploited in the name caste, they are falling prey to Money lenders , in case of non payment of the money they have been servant over the years. Friends I am not telling a story but its tragic story every where in Northern states especially in UP. As every Samaj is doing we should come ahead and donate the Money for the various PRAJAPATI trusts running all over India for the upliftment of needy and poor people not for their daily needs but for educating their children. You may straight way pay fees for education for children of community, donate books etc if you feels trust can misuse the Money. Hope U agree with the same. with regards,
By Mahendra Kumar, commercial engineer, bharat heavy elctricals limited(BHEL) jhansi  | 11 14 2010 03:48:38 +0000
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