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Topic : Govt. job or Private job?
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Created by : KUMAR SAURABH JHA, HR Manager  | 02 20 2010 13:55:45 +0000
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Any job needs to locate the following aspects:

1. Security

2. Job satisfaction

3. Growth

4. Recognition

Private as well as Govt jobs do offer these which may be lacking in some organizations.

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Government Job Vs Private Job
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Its not only a matter of concern that one needs basic needs to fulfill. maslows recognized 5 needs and has well explained these in details in the maslow's  hierarchy of needs.

I have noticed many Govt officials, at senior levels, pursuing PG courses. The question is Why? May be salary hike or better growth opportunity or opportunity to prove themselves tio be an asset or job satisfaction.

Private organizations give you instant money, if I am not wrong, in terms of perks, incentives,hike etc. Pension may be needful if the person is alive in certain cases. I have seen families where sons and daughters have left their old parents and lastly the either spouse dies with a blank future of the other.

LIC advertisement on the TVs gives a very good message in this regard.

By KUMAR SAURABH JHA, HR Manager  02 20 2010 13:55:45 +0000

Dear Kumar, there is an interesting debate in the platform which is created around this topic. It will be great if you can go through it and participate. I am sharing that link with you.

By Gargi Sinha, Senior Consultant, Hewitt Associates  | 02 22 2010 12:03:12 +0000


Even I had missed the debate that Gargi has pointed out. But I would prefer to answer here as this debate has the freedom to talk about the pros and cons of each sector independently and I think this is a proper debate question!!

Apart from Job Security and some basic facilities, the Government does not offer you anything more. Its a very clocked 9 to 5 kind of a job and maybe even earlier if you have the bosses in your pocket. The other perk that most people like to enjoy in a government job is the holiday list!!

Private jobs offer you insecurity!! Most might wonder what the hell am I talking about?? What I mean here is the challenge to survive in a very competitive environment. Peers are cut throat, deadlines mean deadlines, and insecurity translates into passion and drive!! Salaries, no question mark there at all. I prefer Private jobs. :)

By Makrand Bhave, AGM - Corporate Business, E18, part of Network 18 Group  | 02 22 2010 12:39:02 +0000
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