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Created by : V kumar, Manager- Formulations, A Leading pharma company  | 06 22 2010 14:16:07 +0000
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It's official. We can finally lay to rest that tired old stereotype of female bosses as manipulative, back-stabbing you-know-whats and get on with our lives.

better bosses
Who make better bosses, men or women? A recent survey found that women outscored men when it came to five leadership traits.
(ABC News Photo Illustration)

Last week, the Pew Research Center published findings from a survey it conducted on gender and leadership. The 2,250 U.S. adults who responded rated men and women on eight leadership traits -- honesty, intelligence, compassion and the like.

In five of the eight categories, respondents said women blew men out of the water. In another two -- "hardworking" and "ambitious" -- respondents had women and men tied. In fact, according to those survey respondents, men only came out on top in the decisiveness department.

But that's not all. When asked flat out whether women or men make better leaders, 69 percent of respondents called it a draw.

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I think by default I have to select women here, and also there is some strong reason also behind it, from ages women are an excellent homemaker, and they understand how to run a home and believe me its the most difficult job to do and even when taking care of an organization they do the right thing most of the time, though they may hesitate while some decision making process, but they take the right decisions at the right time and always stay safe when comes to decision making and in that regard I would like to work under a female boss rather than a male boss.

By Renne Sharma, HR Analyst, ABC Consulting  06 24 2010 11:57:35 +0000
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Thanks Renne and Shrikanth for referral, I am not sure which side to support and unfortunately there is no place for a neutral stand, By supporting this side I am not against female bosses and I am unable to strongly say that any one is best, but believe that in this 21st century where females are stamped their authority in almost all fields it is not fair to say one is good and other is bad.

By RAHUL SMITH, Freelancer, Radio, TV & Films  | 06 27 2010 16:18:57 +0000

sorry renne, but i do not support you this time as i find men more suitable on boss position , and not females.

By PK , Consultant  | 06 26 2010 14:40:15 +0000

I have seen a debate here calling for better halves, I supported women as I felt.

Debate for better boss...I would prefer to support Men, since the business need to be proved in the system and gradually with the results.

Business having many sectors and wide variety, I believe all part cannot be handled or tackled by mojor women population.

Yes, Wieghing on chairs in the feild of service industries distributed major employment for the women.

Again Boss must behave like Boss. Women behaviour are not compareable with mens in organisations.

Organisation need dominance, leadership, freindship, visions, implementations and many more.

It should avoid jealosy which women to a women having, one cannot deny. Hence team are not formed and neither leaderships but only powers.

Women can be a good employee but a rare case employer !

By Jyoti CHETANI, Freelancer, Equity Research/Analytics  | 06 25 2010 05:10:39 +0000

MEN are the ultimate leaders/Bosses because they have being ruling both Men & Women from time pre-historicl.Whether you like it or not or call me MCP but the fact is Men have created a secure systematic world order where Women, Children and weak Men can come out without any threat to their lives, ironically, the treat is from bad element MEN and not Women. The world is run by MEN and MEN only. All these silly surveys are just eye washers. Its very clear and straight onto our face that after GOD next comes MAN and no one else who can create influence on living things on our Earth.

By Girish Shivakumaran Nair, supervisory, Indian Air Force  | 06 24 2010 16:18:19 +0000

Definetely Its male -Bosses As Men

By Hemachandiran , HR Executive  | 06 24 2010 12:58:39 +0000

As i am a MAN, I usually support men only, because of their decision making

By V kumar, Manager- Formulations, A Leading pharma company  | 06 22 2010 14:16:07 +0000

I saw good female and male employees who are equally good and potential leaders.

But c'mon, when will this comparison between different race,sex and nationality for ability will stop?

The same debate i found one year back...and its here to haunt again.

By Sayan Chakraborty, Senior ERP Consultant, International Business machines  | 06 27 2010 16:58:19 +0000

Thanks for referral, Renne.

I support your views on who make better bosses .Women can manage different things at one time , differently, which is a skillful job.

Today's woman keeps balance between her personal life & professional life at the same time. Every woman is boss of her own home where she looks after every aspect/field i.e. education of children, taking care of parents & in-laws, savings etc.........................& every woman have natural ability to cope up with the situation or one can say that woman make adjustments more faster & skillfully than men that is why women bosses have upper hand over men bosses.

By SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 06 27 2010 09:58:39 +0000
A Women can handle employees very well.employees never argue with their women bosses. women are so clever to manage all the work between people.
By Chandra Prakash Agrawal, Sr. software Engineer, Capgemini  | 06 25 2010 05:53:22 +0000

well renne both men and women are prooved to be better bosses. both gender have special skills to manage things and the implementation in their life. so consider a famify of a man , woman and their derrivative - a child.our karrma field is just like a family i.e the organisation where we work together. man earns to give financial support and the pallet to existance. woman uses this finance to manage the family as finance is limited and the derrivative is nurtured by this derrivative. so both deserve to be a boss in their respective field.

By abhishek paul, Designer Trainee, pennar industries ltd., patancheru, medak dist., hyderabad  | 06 25 2010 04:04:18 +0000
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