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Created by : SB DIKSHIT, STATE QUALITY MONITOR, U.P.R.R.D.A  | 06 24 2009 16:53:06 +0000
Industry : Transportation/AviationFunctional Area : Infrastructure(Technology)
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With ever increasing issues on pollution, traffic and transportation in Indian cities, Will implementing Metro Rail projects in-line/similar to Metro@Singapore and other international cities help India acheive the same result?

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It is true that the project is taking much more time than expected or what is actually required.. but there is no doubt that once implemented, it will definitely help in reducing city traffic/transport issues.. I am sure it is effective in Delhi.. similarly it will help other cities also.

By Shaju George, Facilities/Construction Manager, IBS Software Services (P) Ltd  06 24 2009 17:16:06 +0000
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I feel that rate of population growth will encompass the metro facility benifits, by the time its commissioned, the pop explosion is likely to make it overloaded. Needless to mention the political interferance/curruption/audit, that cripples the decision capacity of managment/executives. 

By ManSingh , Superintending Engineer Projects, MP Power Genco Ltd.  10 12 2009 08:32:32 +0000

Yes it helps us inreduction of traffic,saves time reduces pollution.

By malladi madhukumar, Senior Manager- Marketing, Cement company  | 12 23 2009 16:06:01 +0000

I think we need many more METROS in order to meet the future traffic , population, etc. 

Even though they are getting delayed but we need to wait because of the benefits which we get once it is completed like cheaper and faster travel to places than our automobiles. The main reason behind these thing getting delayed are i think our famous politicians. Also its not so easy to construct quickly because of the underground excavation done in major parts of a developed city. Also the land acquisition done for setting up the stations is a big process. 

Anyways better to hope for the best.

By C Nijagunaradhya, Civil Engg, B'lore  | 10 12 2009 11:55:34 +0000

I have been to Delhi and believe me the Metro is a blessing there, hassle free transportation, quick and great way to reach your destination...and this has resulted in less number of vehicles on the road and less consumption of fuel.which is a good sign...and surely Metro in Bangalore is taking a bit of time and all due to the construction happening there is even more traffic woes for the time being but when it gets going i guess in 2011 you'll see a different Bangalore altogether, where more people would prefer to travel in metro rather than other mode of transportation and may be the city gets to retain its Title as the Garden city as it is not the case Metro will surely workout wherever it is going to come.....

By Pragya Kothari, Construction-Heavy, DLF  | 06 25 2009 07:35:21 +0000

I can't comment on Bangalore Metro project,what is root cause for delay.But in Delhi,all projects either it is extension or new route, all projects are on time and many of them had been completed before specificed time schedule. Extra-Ordinary job done by Metro employee.

Whereas, answer to your debate- There are multiple of benefits which we have seen in Delhi

1) Transportation facilities-Hassle free,Convenient and economical.

2) For daily commuters on metro route has given them new life & excellent gift by Delhi govt.

3) There has been tremendous decrease in Noise & Air pollution in city.

4) Extra-ordinary benefit specially for womens who travel in jam-packed buses or other transport system where on daily basis they have to face eve-teasing & mis-behaviour by some bad elements.This has been lifeline for them.

5) Getting Air-condition facility in metro.People are using this mode more while in summer.

6) Saving millions of Petrol/CNG in delhi,which give big impact on our economy.

7) Increased the real estate price and benefitted the owners of residential/commercial properties where ever metro has arrived,boosting real estate of economy on larger scale.

And many more benefits.......


Rajeev Jha 

By Rajeev K Jha, Head - Liaisoning & Govt. Corporate Affairs, ACCOR (Triguna Hospitality Ventures Ind. Pvt. Ltd.)  | 06 24 2009 18:17:35 +0000

Why don't we look at the problem of parking? When a person has to board the metro, where should he park his vehicle. Mostly the car. I suspect the car parking would create a huge problem.

By Aditya Kulkarni, Sales Executive/Officer, 3M India Ltd.  | 11 14 2009 18:18:51 +0000

The problem is dangerously increasing population of metros. The plans perhaps made considering trafic of future 20 years but while the project completes, it appears that this is inadequate to cater the increased traffic. No statistics at present is able to estimate the future traffic. The only solution is to simultaneously improve the connectivity & other amenities in rural & remote areas. Otherwise the mad rush toMetros,Cities fromrural & remote areas will wrong all such Metro-rail &other projects meant to control traffics.

By Biranchi Narayan Acharya, AGM, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd  | 10 13 2009 10:11:15 +0000

Will the pace of infrastructure developement match with the production of CHEAPER and AFFORDABLE - TATA NANOs...

I doubt...!!!

By M NITIN SHENOY, PMP, IPMA-D, CEng MICE, Manager  | 06 25 2009 05:57:32 +0000

I DOUBT FOR POINT (4),regarding (6)for connecting metro station and ur destination place ,in both direction one has to invest in these,

By SB DIKSHIT, STATE QUALITY MONITOR, U.P.R.R.D.A  | 06 25 2009 03:00:01 +0000

Ever increasing population and corruption will delay such projects to the core, lesser polution and better traffic in India seems to be a distant dream than reality..

By SB DIKSHIT, STATE QUALITY MONITOR, U.P.R.R.D.A  | 06 24 2009 16:56:26 +0000
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