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Started by : Vineet Prakash, Sales/BD Manager, Tata Power   09 02 2009 07:25:08 +0000
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In a recent news it has come to light that Uttar Pradesh is all set to have its first police station exclusively to check power theft that is happening in that region. UP is one of the big power pilferage state.

For the time being and in the initial stages they are nominating any one of the police stations in the city where cases of power theft would be taken up. A fully dedicated police station would come up when the need arises.

The UP power sector is likely with an agreement with the new company Torrent, which is likely to be handed over power distribution system in the Agra the Taj city by the end of this month, it would be for assisting the company officials dealing with the cases of power theft.

Not only in UP but there is rampant power theft all across the country and there is too much of distribution loss due to power thefts, and it almost accounts to 40% of the power loss.

So what are the other measures needed to keep a check on power thefts?

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1 Smarter energy meters
2 Smart Metering with Pre-Paid Billing
3 Use U/G stop the theft from poles

Smarter energy meters

idea posted by Vineet Prakash Sales/BD Manager, Tata Power

An energy metre is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy supplied to a residential or commercial building. The most common unit of measurement made by a meter is the kilowatt hour, which is equal to the amount of energy used by a load of one kilowatt in one hour.

Due to the increasing cost of electricity, energy theft is becoming a major concern for government agencies across the country, and especially in a country like India. Consumers have been found manipulating their electric meters, causing them to stop, under-register at times or even bypassing the meter, effectively using power without paying for it. A large portion of these revenue losses can be recovered by installing electronic energy meters because they can detect tampering conditions and assure proper billing, unlike electromechanical meters.

by Amar Nath Mukherje, Top Management, Synergy Power  | 09 02 2009 13:01:47 +0000

T&D loss indicates technical loss i.e. loss due to leakage,due to heating caused by looseness of joints, and low efficiency of Distribution Transformer.Nontechnical loss is theft by tampering the energy meter,tapping power without the knowledge of the supplier etc.Both are detrimental and need preventive planning and action.

Suggestion is on every point of connection where more than one subscriber is connected shall have incoming Energy Meter ( One)and Outgoing Energy  meter ( No. of Subscriber), so that every time it can be compared and trouble spot can be focussed.It may be expensive programme but is required to keep a track of lost energy which is more expensive.



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Smart Metering with Pre-Paid Billing


As Smart Metering would certainely have a good control over Power Theft, it is appreciable to implement through out India.

Simultaneously if the same Smart Meters are installed with Pre-Paid billing system with different Tariff's, would be of good to achieve timely revenue to the departments having a control over Power theft.

Hope it is acceptable

by Vineet Prakash, Sales/BD Manager, Tata Power  | 09 02 2009 12:48:20 +0000

Its very bad that electricity is facing theft. inspite of all the measures taken , someway or other this is happening. Among all the gadgets available in the market right now, I believe smarter power metres should be inroduced as it can check power theft much better...

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Use U/G stop the theft from poles

idea posted by Charles davison Project Manager, Douglas OHI LLC

In India power is robbed as day light robbery(for night light) from the poles during  seasonal festivals and local festivals to power the road light buntings and sound system and the orchestra. this is very simple since the lineman himself will connect it for the days that is needed.It is done as if power is just freely available in the air(since the wires are in the air!) .

Neither the Dept officials ,nor the public,nor the Govt takes any notice of the theft.In fact the corporator,MLA,Ministers and the goondas in tow come as guests of honour

Inaddition, there are another privileged group ,highly influential gentlemen, who by money power to line men(not to the electricity board) hook up the power from the poles direct for the light needs of their kins wedding.

These have nothing to do with meters. in fact it is stolen without cicumventing technology.It is there on the poles free for the asking.

How can we prevent it ?Only by means of cabling right thru U/G cables to the electronic meter .

by Amar Nath Mukherje, Top Management, Synergy Power  | 09 03 2009 06:39:38 +0000

Really use Underground Cables and provide connection to authorised subscriberonly through Feeder Pillar.If feeder pillar used ,it should be lockable and provided with energy meter in Incomer and outgoing feeder also to clarify the errors of the meters or any losses.

Mind it not only theft occurs on Electrical connection , but also Meter reader`s error is also a factor for losses.

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