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Started by : Rohit Khanna, Project Leader/Managing Consultant, Accenture   09 21 2008 20:52:01 +0000
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Lets list down the main areas where biotechnology field needs to look into

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1 Pharmaceutical Market
2 Agribiotech

Pharmaceutical Market

idea posted by Rohit Khanna Project Leader/Managing Consultant, Accenture
The Indian pharmaceutical market is growing exponentially. Biotherapeutics and diagnostics of which recombinant Hep B dominate medical biotech segment vaccine is the major product.More over Multinationals like Monsanto, Pfizer, Unilever, Dupont, Bayer, Eli-Lilly, Ranbaxy, Hoechst, Chiron-Boerhringer have set up their businesses in India. This market needs to be looked at as the main focus
by Sovan Maiti, Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals  | 04 20 2009 05:41:21 +0000

Agalya ji i agree.If Biotechnology helps in developing drugs or vaccines for different cures or diseases then it will greatly improve the medical service and patients will benefit a lot.

by Agalya Priyadarshni.K, Student, P.s.G.College of Arts & science  | 03 23 2009 14:35:58 +0000

Pharma research is indeed the major thrust in biotechnology.There are still a load of diseases for which drugs or vaccines are not yet available and where a lot of research is needed..for eg.the viral infections.Only very few antivirals are currently available.So that is still open for research. I think with extensive research & development of new drugs & vaccines , the pharmaceutical industry will still rise up. 

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idea posted by Rohit Khanna Project Leader/Managing Consultant, Accenture
Let me give you some facts about this industry, India is the second largest food producer after China, and thus offers a huge market for biotechnology products. Transgenics of rice,brassica, moonbean, pigeonpea, cotton, tomato and some vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower etc. are already into field trials.Some of these would be ready for large scale production by 2005. Genetically engineered seed market was worth an estimated $250 million from a total seed market worth US $ 500 million in 2001. Marine resource development and aqua culture also hold a great potential as India has more than 8000 kilometers of coastline.
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