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Topic : Corruption Everywhere
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Started by : satheesh , M.B.A student, VYSYA College,Salem   03 11 2011 19:20:32 +0000
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1 the people

the people

idea posted by satheesh M.B.A student, VYSYA College,Salem

we are the people responsible for the corruption.We are planting it.We people always in  hurry and ready to pay for it.We can see in many government offices if we want to get some work done,if we pay it'll be done instantly,as i already said we are in hurry, so we pay up and finish the work.Also, we have many reasons to increase corruption and corruption become very big,but we not finding the way to cut it.Still we are making it to grow.We have to think.........Its the time for us to think..... 

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