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Topic : Emerging Trends In Telecom Sector
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Started by : deepak kala, Engineer, Ericsson global india limited   12 25 2009 12:47:39 +0000
Industry : Telecom/ISPFunctional Area : Quality Management(Operations)
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more eco friendly bts site /shelters are required with the increasing competition and the kind of profits they are making companies should think about the carbon footprint they are making and how they can improve it the few ways of relating to more greener telecom industry can be done by
1.focusing on whats the carbon footprint of a simple call,be the first to standardize efficient call making processes
2.making the consumer aware that their company uses the best power efficient shelter by providing readings of consumption of power by a shelter per use or per call....
"a greener today would make greener tomorrow"

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1 be the first to grade ur bts/shelter

be the first to grade ur bts/shelter

idea posted by deepak kala Engineer, Ericsson global india limited

standardizing tower site is the key for a cleaner aan more efficient approach

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