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Started by : Bindu Narayan, Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals   07 28 2010 07:50:32 +0000
Industry : BiotechnologyFunctional Area : India(Markets)
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We all know how fresh and healthy are the vegetables that we consume daily. But, according to the Union health ministry's report, they are not so safe any more. In a bid to make them look garden fresh and ensure that they grow faster to reach markets, farmers are using chemicals at random that threaten to cause serious health hazards to consumers.

As we all know, eating vegetables is a must for good health. But today, it is posing serious threat to health, causing nervous breakdowns, sterility and various neurotic complications because of their chemical content because of the hormone shots in them which may damage to our health, if consumed over a period of time.

So users, what should we do to avoid this kind of food adulteration?

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1 Use of Bio-fertilizers
2 conventional methods of growing vegetables
3 Create awareness & educate farmers on bio-fertilizers widely and rapidly all over India
4 Go for more GREEN
5 Home Vegetable Garden
6 Use Quality Marked Food Products
7 Create a separate task force

Use of Bio-fertilizers

idea posted by Bindu Narayan Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals

There is no better pesticides than bio manures. They can be available naturally, easy to work with, risk less and gives far better productions than the chemical fertilizers which anyways are toxic thus are harmful to health. There are many organic farms where we can buy organic vegetables and fruits which do not come in touch of chemicals. Their price is little high but still makes sense to go for organic diet these days..

by Rathin Deb, Advisor and retail consultant, currently as Branch Manager, Tower Infotech Ltd  | 08 02 2010 10:57:02 +0000

I think I will call it bio manure or the conventional one. It is the greed of the grower in conivence with the mandi walas they are doing this to earn more. In our Country it really dose not matter.

What are the steps are taken by the concerned authorities till now on this?

by NATTERAJA R. ARIKRISHNAN, GM-Projects, Bentec Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Ltd  | 08 01 2010 16:55:29 +0000

Today we all consume only chemicals in the name of food. The fertilizers with chemicals are used to all agriculture products to give more yield. All foods we eat comprises of chemicals only.

by malladi madhukumar, Senior Manager- Marketing, Cement company  | 07 31 2010 23:15:57 +0000

I agree with Binduji that Bio fertilisers, and manures should be used widely.

As Diwakarji said Organic food is best option.

In order get over the problem we should propagate Organic food.


References :
Organic.orgNews, articles, recipes, product reviews and other resources on organic
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conventional methods of growing vegetables

idea posted by Ravishankar M.Sc student, M.S. Ramaiah College Of Science, Bangalore

Farmers should adapt more conventional methods of growing vegetables which enables the food to restore most of the minerals and vitamins.

by vivekkumar , prject and prod executive, Euro India cylindeers Ltd.  | 07 29 2010 07:57:00 +0000

farmer are  prouduce more for money in any method useing faltilazer.if they produce less he can't servaive Govt can take crrective action for balencing quntity of food and price

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Create awareness & educate farmers on bio-fertilizers widely and rapidly all over India

idea posted by Arun Kumar K Security/ Equity Research Analyst, Thomson Reuters

Education & awareness enlightens a person. Lack of knowledge about bio-fertilizers leads farmers to end up using chemical fertilizers. Creating awareness,  educating & encouraging farmers to use bio-fertilizers is a good idea. Farmers should be taught about the dangerous in using chemicals & cause & effect of using it. To make this happen quickly many NGO firms should come forward & spread awareness all over the country.

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Go for more GREEN

idea posted by KUMAR SAURABH JHA HR Manager
Afforestation, weather, adequate training to farmers and rural population may yield good result. I have a firnd working with MONsanto that provides and motivates the rural population to go for hybrid maize seed company. So this way we can expect better reults.
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Home Vegetable Garden

idea posted by Adarsh V Peter Head/Creative Visualisers, Vyga Animation System Pvt Ltd

To have vegetables without  chemicals,Make your very own home vegetable garden, Grow at-least some of the  the vegetables that you can use.It will provide the tastiest and most nutritious vegetables
Farmers use chemicals but if we spend a certain time of every day to take care of our and our families health.We can grow our own vegetable Garden.Like that once almost all families have their own vegetable garden.Farmers and the Vegetable shops will be forced to sell nice, pure , organic vegetables

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Use Quality Marked Food Products

idea posted by Sonia Sharma HR Executive, Tech Mahindra
I think we must use high qualitty marked food products from a trusted brand. There are a number of vendors in the market who provides good quality food Sahara Q Shop is one of them, also Sahara has started a mission whose motto is "Fight Against Adulteration". You can have a look at and be a part of this mission. Today not even a single food product is spared from adulterants. Right from urea in milk, lead chromate in fruits and vegetables, pesticides in cold drinks, artificial colors in sweets, juices, jams, ketchup, and confectioneries, animal fat in vegetarian food to wax in cheese, substandard flour, papaya seeds in pepper, the list of adulterants just goes on. The main task for people is to aware others about Food Adulteration and Fight together like an army against Adulteration.
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Create a separate task force

idea posted by Jaygopal Raghavan Marketing Manager, Landmark Group

Create a separate task force on the lines of the Polluction control board in each district headquarters but with more powers and an independent advisory body comprising of the gram panchayat, panchayat chief, academicia from agricultural universities and other NGO's in this field.

It is not enough to form such a body but they should also be given a budget and clear rules to prevent food adulteration, overuse of fertilizers, use of genetic seeds etc. They should also be allowed to employ the educated rural youth as field inspectors from each village - this would not only solve the unemployment problem but also enable people with some rural knowledge to judge on such matters.

There  should be strict penal clauses and no appeals to the district court or high court for redressal. Such penal clauses should be decided on an open forum in the district HQ with an expert panel comprising of the district judge, superintendent of police, NGO's, academicia etc. Compensation for employeed workling in such a board should also be adequate.

Incentive ought to be provided for organic farmers and others who demonstrate or produce unadulterated food.

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