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Started by : Leena Pawar, Tech Architect, IT Infotech   02 03 2010 07:42:43 +0000
Industry : InternetFunctional Area : Infrastructure(Technology)
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Cyber-crimes committed against persons include various crimes like transmission of child-pornography, harassment of any one with the use of a computer such as e-mail. The trafficking, distribution, posting, and dissemination of obscene material including pornography and indecent exposure, constitutes one of the most important Cyber-crimes known today.

The potential harm of such a crime to humanity can hardly be amplified. This is one Cyber-crime which threatens to undermine the growth of the younger generation as also leave irreparable scars and injury on the younger generation, if not controlled.

So users, how do you think cyber crime can be prevented?

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1 By maintaining privacy
2 Reporting the crime
3 Precautions against data loss
4 Focus on issues
5 IT act!
6 Enforcing IT- laws more strictly
7 Widening the scope of the IT Act to include data protection, privacy ,OSN policies
8 cyber law
9 All IT communication should be through a corridor under vigilance
10 cyber law
11 Prevention is better than cure .. campaign for awareness
12 Execute track system

By maintaining privacy

idea posted by Leena Pawar Tech Architect, IT Infotech

We shouldn't send any photograph online particularly to strangers and chat friends as there have been incidents of misuse of the photographs. Also, we shouldn't send our credit card number to any site that is not secured in order to guard against frauds. We should always keep an eye on the sites that our children are accessing to prevent any kind of harassment or deprivation in them.

by M. Prabhakar Rao, Green Consultant: Green Buildings, LEED Certifications, GreenGuard, Energy Star, GreenCo Certifications, Energy Audits  | 02 05 2010 06:29:21 +0000


I concur with this, in toto.

Further, we shouldn't become 'suckers' by falling into the trap of 'online Award Winner Announcements' or temptations from unrelated & unknown sources offering us full or share of Multi-million dollar inheritances / venal black money, of so-called money-laundering scams as well as enlightening our next gen. on these.

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Reporting the crime

idea posted by Kamal Dave Managing Partner, Advocate & Legal Advisor, Cyberjuris - Law Firm

The Victim should not sit idle at home waiting for somebody to do all spoonfeeding.  He/She should come forward and report the matter to police. 

If a matter is not reported to police, it gives encouragement for committing more severe cyber crimes so before one is able to cause havoc just stop by lodging complaint. 

Lodging of complaint is the first step in seeking justice and must be moved by the victim himself/herself.

by ASOKE KUSARI, Domestic Private Banking-Executive/Manager, A large leading PSU Bank - India  | 03 22 2010 03:30:05 +0000

Yes report .... report. All such informations may help the "crime branch" and help them 2learn. however, abandant caution and alertness is necessary. We may report to websites like "419" also to make others know.

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Precautions against data loss

idea posted by sumitra dutta Consultant, XYZ

We should always use latest and up date anti virus software to guard against virus attacks and should keep back up volumes not to suffer data loss in case of virus contamination. It is better to use a security programme that gives control over the cookies and send information back to the site as leaving the cookies unguarded might prove fatal.

Also, Web site owners should watch traffic and check any irregularity on the site. Putting host-based intrusion detection devices on servers may do this. Use of firewalls may be beneficial. Web servers running public sites must be physically separate protected from internal corporate network.

by shamik ghosh, Digital Media Consultant, Aspire Software Consultancy  | 02 03 2010 13:46:36 +0000

I think hacking is good else no one will buy a original  anti virus software or no company will hire a security system  development programmer. I think this main creative  field in information science industry.

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Focus on issues

idea posted by Balaji Software Developer, Indepth Solutions

There are some ways to safeguard ourself from Hackers.

1) Don't leave the telecommunications cable (broadband modem, phone line) physically connected to your home computer when the internet is not in use. The only 100% safe computer is the one that is not connected to the internet.
2) Protect, watch, and supervise your children online just as you do with all their everyday activities. Do not assume that your children are safe because they are in your home using a computer.
3) Never open an attachment from an unfamiliar sender and scan suspicious attachments with a trusted virus scanner before opening.
4) Use firewalls, anti-virus, and spyware detection software on a regular basis. Be sure to download and install from the software manufacturer's website all available security patches and updates for all installed programs on your computer on a regular basis.
5) Protect your personal information and identity. Your life and the quality of your life depend on criminals not impersonating you to gain credit, money, a reputation, or committing a crime in your name.

Apart from this change your passwords regulars applies to all sites.

by V. Srinivas, Freelancer, Information Technology  | 03 17 2010 04:02:32 +0000

I think Balaji & Co. are on the right track, A very large percentage of the crimes occur because of personal information that we let out on the net.

That and "You have won a lottery" , "Click here and watch personal photos of ***", "This is your bank wanting to reset your password" type of games that induce you to reveal more and more personal info, bank account nos, passwords etc.

ALL banks nowadays employ virtual keyboard:- I use that even for entering my login-name.

by K. NARAYAN, None, None  | 02 12 2010 11:08:07 +0000

I think Balaji has covered all the points !

Basically the Internet being a world-wide network , catching cyber criminals , at least the really professional ones who take pains to cover their tracks , can be nearly impossible. The ones who do get caught are the rank amateurs.

The BBC in their program "The Real Hustle" has covered this in a lot of detail.

The only way to not be caught napping is to install all the relevant protective software on one's PC. Talking of children downloading pornography or visitng porn sites highlights two issues - the parents have not done their bit in educating their children about sex , and they have not installed the proper parental control software on their PCs.

Install anti-spam software to check all the spam mails , including the ones which congratulate you on winning $1,000,000 ! Only the gullible fall for such ploys !

The real professionals hack genuine websites so that your data gets diverted ! That is why , the cardinal rule to remember is just one : before revealing your private data , such as credit card details / passport number / bank account number , check that the website is authenticated , and that the authentication certificate is still valid.

When real , physical crime cannot be prevented , how can we talk of cyber crime being prevented ? It can only be detected and the perpetrators be brought to book. But at present , the possibility of this happening is minimal.

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IT act!

idea posted by Moksh Juneja Head/VP/GM-PR/Corp. Communication, Avignyata Inc.

We have a very solid IT Act, 2000. Where the offenders will be punished. The same act is also very comprehensive, but at the end of the day the implementation is still not there. But there is a silver lining in the cloud where the Cyber Court has been set up in Delhi.

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Enforcing IT- laws more strictly

idea posted by Sanjay Suvarna Senior Software Developer, a MNC

Most of the comments here have been in the space of end-user involvement and action and are good. Nonetheless, the environment in which cyber crimes take place needs to be tightened.

There needs to be a good infrastructure to enforce the IT security laws enacted by the Parliament. There is need to have specialized cells under the Police(like the one in Mumbai and other cities) in all the tier-1 and tier-2 cities and strengthen them.

The law enforcers should come down heavily on cyber-crime perpetrators and only then will there be a general fear in the minds of cyber criminals (atleast those living in the country.)

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Widening the scope of the IT Act to include data protection, privacy ,OSN policies

idea posted by Kaveriamma Monnappa Legal Advisor, Poovayya &Co.

Hacking, impersonation over the internet on social networking sites etc., is predominant theses days. Committees need to be formed to seek the inclusion of provision under the IT Act thereby widening the scope of the Act to include crimes which have major impact on individuals rights and privacy. Provisions laying the procedure for the implementation of these provisions is necessary to see successful results.

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cyber law

idea posted by ramamurtymanne Freelancer, Freelancer
with strict vigilance
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All IT communication should be through a corridor under vigilance

idea posted by George Varghese Proprietor, Jecyees

All IT transactions and communication should be through a corridor under state vigilance, controlled by central govt.. IT enforcement law should be strictly followed and separate court benches should be opened in every state. Penalization of crimes should be strong and judgement should be as early as possible. The judgment should reach the community through media with emphasis. When all the users community are aware of strict law, crime can be reduced.               

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cyber law

idea posted by poonam narula Voice & Accent Trainer, visa consulatancy

cyber crime is abolishing our society so there is a firm need to uproot this evil.i think that

organisations should put passwords and make file hidden.rather than these cyber laws should develop such kind of software which inhibit their display in user's profile.These laws should be effectively implemented

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Prevention is better than cure .. campaign for awareness

idea posted by ASOKE KUSARI Domestic Private Banking-Executive/Manager, A large leading PSU Bank - India

Cyber crimes are often done by "face-kess People" generally called as Fraudstars, Hackers, Imposters etc. It is better that we remain vigilant and take all safegurds before becoming a victim.

We are to make people ( specially the children ) aware about cyber crimes, their modus oparandi, country famous for such crimes, how softwares and hardwares are to be used to safeguard. International bodies have been created for this purpose.

Finally, where possible, we may take the help of Cyber Crime Laws of our country to book the culprits.

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Execute track system

idea posted by KUMAR SAURABH JHA HR Manager

By executing tracking system one may be able to control it as full control is not possible

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