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Started by : Suresh P, BE student, VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY   10 09 2010 09:45:09 +0000
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Does a part-time job have a negative impact on a student's behaviour?  The answer is not a definitive one, for it depends on the student.  For some it could very well have a negative impact on the student’s education, and for others it could have no impact at all.  Some people even might benefit from a part-time job.  

So, what could be the possible negative impact on a student ?

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1 Depression
2 Affects studies at school
3 part time jobs decrease creativity
4 Evil deeds with financial freedom
5 yes
6 Neccessity
8 Part time jobs - negative impact
9 Reduces their motivation


idea posted by Gargi Sinha Senior Consultant, Hewitt Associates

Generally students are unable to handle too much of pressure & land up in depression. This hampers their studies & also relationships at home. So, they need to understand proper what should be given more priority.

by Badri N Srinivasan, Head - Quality, Valtech India Systems Pvt. Ltd.  | 10 22 2010 09:48:51 +0000

Part time work will affect the studies at school, as the student will not be able to concentrate on the study activities as part of the time is diverted for work.

However, in an extreme case, the student may go into depression, especially if the student is studying in a foreign country where the culture, language and other factors may make it difficult for the student and also increase his stress levels.

Thanks for the referral, Gargi....

by SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 10 11 2010 12:57:11 +0000

Yes, I support your views, Gargi.

Due to pressure student may get depressed & h/she may get diverted from their studies.

by Rathin Deb, Advisor and retail consultant, currently as Branch Manager, Tower Infotech Ltd  | 10 09 2010 19:55:48 +0000

Yes Gargi I agree with your views on the subject.

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Affects studies at school

idea posted by Suresh P BE student, VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

A part-time job can also affect a student’s studies negatively if it causes the child to be sleep-deprived.  It can be difficult to concentrate in school if you are tired.  If working the job makes you stay up later than is optimal, you might be tired when you go to school.  Then you might not learn as much and this can affect your grades.  

Even if the job itself does not go late, it can still be a problem if it pushes your other activities later so that you need to stay up later in order to get everything in.

by Renee: CEO Life Coach & Life Strategist, Owner, Company: CEO Life Coach  | 11 18 2010 18:31:51 +0000

It can have a variety of effects on a student such as depression, lack of drive, focus, creativity, direction & prioritizing. A student should strategically plan for their career and education to help reduce some of these problems. Strategic planning can help someone to better deal with many situations as they arise.

Sometimes when a student has a part-time job it can be a negative or a positive. The ideal option should be that a student should not work and just focus on their studies but in reality, many times that’s not the case for everyone. Many people have to work and go to school. Having a job can be a positive thing by letting a student know what it’s like to be an employee, have an income from work & help them to better decide on a career direction. Having a job can make a person more organized, focused and take things more seriously.

Then again having a job can take away from a students studying and placing more focus on school. Having a job could make a student lose their drive, focus & direction. Many times it all just depends on the individual and their circumstances.

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Premature earning habbits may affect the concentration from studies.

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part time jobs decrease creativity

idea posted by answer MBA/PGDM student, ishan institute of management & technology
part time jobs decrease creativity of a student because of work pressure it is very hard for a student to strike a blance between study and job once a student gets job he/she start doing just formality regarding their project, assignment and exams.
by shivender singh, Banquet Sales Executive/ Manager, cipla  | 10 15 2010 18:18:43 +0000

well my frnd i m agree with u b,cuse having the pressure of work load.i m am unable to achive my real goal.i forget what really i have to do?/.young generation take it lightly.ruin their career thanks

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Evil deeds with financial freedom

idea posted by KALIYAMOORTHY PHSEM, CTCI Corporation

By part-time job, a few will get financial freedom. It may leed to develop evil-deeds such as Smoking, Drinking, Drugs etc.

by ankit mohanty, B.Com student, city clg  | 10 09 2010 14:39:16 +0000

yes sir

i am completely agree with you..

you can find not all but many of them ..they get the freedom to have eveil drug,smoke,drinkk.etc coz they are not dependnt to their family and they think that they are all in all they feel that they are using those thing with their own money so they must be given complete privacy in this ...


thank u

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idea posted by Himadri Dave MBA/PGDM student, DR.VSICS
Yes thats true becoz in that case the student is not able to give justice to his studies which is of paramount,it becomes difficult for him to to maintain a balance between the two and hence ruins eveyrthing
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idea posted by Atul Joshi CEO/MD/Director, Lions Alliance General Trading Co

For some it could be a necccessity to support his/hers education

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idea posted by s.baalu Consultant, XYZ LTD

When a student is not capable of taking up a part time assignment resulting in depression or losing focus in studies let him/her take the right choice based on capabilities and skills instead of meddling.

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Part time jobs - negative impact

idea posted by nageswaranbalaji Administration, Pharmaceutical Industry



This is a very reasonable debate.  Part time jobs are very boredom experience for students.  It create some work pressure for them. The main thing or idea is student must take good job which is simple and give good renounciation to students to develop their talents. It is study oriented . for Example student work in evening libraries, colleges and educational institutions.  It is very much easy for them to develop their intelligence by mingling with stalwarts professors and tutors.

Other difficult part time jobs are not so ideal for students.  Students must do simple jobs.




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Reduces their motivation

idea posted by Jaygopal Raghavan Marketing Manager, Landmark Group

Quite often once students start seeing good money, their motivation to continue their study decreases. Balancing free time, studies and then part time work becomes a difficult act. Especially when they see their colleagues working full time and making more money like say in a call centre, any candidate will deviate from studies. But for the serious minded - one who has the maturity to balance both the work-life and studies, it is the best option.

Sometimes part time workers get money in their hand that they dont have to give home, then they feel the urge to spend on friends, movies, etc.which can be quite harmful.

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