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Started by : Shashikant Rajak, Senior Consultant, Technozone consultancy ltd   12 18 2008 15:20:29 +0000
Industry : Human Resources (HR) ConsultingFunctional Area : Organizational Development(People Management)
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Creating an Ideal Work Place Environment

Some prefer freedom at work place and some doesn't.

Some wants to work in an environment where they can enjoy have fun.

Some wants a clean and well maintained infrastructure,

Some want to feel home at workplace etc etc...

In what kind of work environment one can give his 100% ???????? 


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1 Freedom to work

Freedom to work

idea posted by Shashikant Rajak Senior Consultant, Technozone consultancy ltd

The work place should be such that were we as an employee can do whatever we want, whenever we want, as long as we can get the work done. There should no schedule, no judgments how we spend our days. Mangers should trust us to get their work done. According to me this is an ideal kind of an environment to work where one can give his 100% with freedom.

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