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Started by : Deepak Somani, Associate, HDFC Bank   10 10 2008 09:47:57 +0000
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The Sensex which was at its all time peak of 21206 on January 10, 2008 has fallen more than 30 percent and 2nd week of October was most disastrous week for investors as the top line stocks fell to their 52 week low and we don't see much respite for the markets in the near future too.

The question is what should investors do in such a situation? Should they remain invested or make a quick exit from the markets, to avoid further losses?
How to emerge as a winner in volatile markets?

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1 Market will bounce back once the speculator frenzy is ove with
2 Intraday
3 Relook at your portfolios
4 Invest in fixed maturity plans
5 Stick to your GOAL

Market will bounce back once the speculator frenzy is ove with

idea posted by Mathew Cherian Research Associate/Analyst, Western Michigan University

A market in stocks consists of different types of players, like Investors, arbitragers, short sellers, speculators. Investors are the ones who has long term investment horizon one yaar and above. Speculators are lesser than one year. Of this it is the speculators that make the market fluctuate trading daily. All these type of players are important and cannot be excluded since they serve specific functions of the market.

So to figure out when to get out or in is a difficult question but once the speculator frenzy is over the market will bounce back to normal heights like it happened all the time before. In the 87 crash called the Black Monday the index the Dow Jones started moving back up from the next day onwards.

Ex[erts conclude that Speculators are important for the market and has to be around for normal functioning of markets.

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idea posted by Sano Jacob Director of Relationship ,INTERPRISE INDIA

As of the seen market intraday business is alos good to emerge from the current makret options ..:) But more risky :)

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Relook at your portfolios

idea posted by Deepak Somani Associate, HDFC Bank
Have a look at your portfolios and reshuffle them. If there is a higher exposure to mid cap and small cap, try shifting to large cap, as it will move up first when the market recovers.
by Shreyans Gala, Client Servicing Executive, Sharekhan  | 08 05 2009 11:27:49 +0000

I agree that it is always that the large cap stocks price increases faster than the mid or d small cap......Hence, once d market tends to move up it is the large cap that takes the mkt..........then d trend is followed by the mid nd the small stocks..........

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Invest in fixed maturity plans

idea posted by Karthikeyan P S Associate, ABN Amro
Risk-averse investors may consider investing in fixed maturity plans and long-term debt funds.Though the returns on FMPs have come down, they are better off than keeping the money in simple bank accounts.
by varsha , Head/VP/GM-Quality, frac  | 07 16 2009 03:20:44 +0000

yes fixed maturity plans are the best options..

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Stick to your GOAL

idea posted by Bhupendra Shah Consulting Financial Planner

As there is Long term Goal, you should not worry the market movement. Let the investment ripe the fruits.

by SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Zonal Manager / Sr. Project Manager ( Civil Engineering), Kumar Properties  | 12 03 2010 11:15:51 +0000

Yes set a goal for long term will be definitely a winner.

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