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Started by : Anjali Bhatia, Construction-Heavy, Sobha Developers   02 13 2010 06:15:39 +0000
Industry : ConstructionFunctional Area : Quality Management(Operations)
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Structural collapse operations cover a wide range of incident scenarios. These incidents can be as relatively minor as a deck or porch collapse resulting in easily accessible victims, or as heavily taxing as a multistory concrete building collapse that entombs hundreds of victims.

Regardless of the collapse scenario encountered, first responders must be familiar with a variety of prevention patterns and associated issues.

In this regard, what do you people think are the process and technogies to prevent structure collapse?

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1 Enable warning system
2 Design aspects
3 curruption is big reponsible factor for building collaps
4 I agree the main reasons are corruption , leading to compromised construction , but where does the buck stop?
5 new idea
6 Aqueous-based photoresist drying technology

Enable warning system

idea posted by Biranchi Narayan Acharya AGM, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd

Structures are to collapse either at expiry or due to calamities. The design should include mesures so that a structure before collapsing gives enough alert. For example many designers prefer to under reinforce a structure (particularly a tension member). It gives enough alerts such as cracking etc before it collapse. If you over reinforce, the structure will not fail due to tension. But when fails due to failure of compression it collapses suddenly.

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Design aspects


Now a days structures failure i.e)sudden collapse are occuring due to earthquake especially in foreign countries,the main reason for this happening is design calculations,cosideration & analysis of safe bearing capacity of soil,earth quake & wind load,bcoz sudden failure of structures in compression member likely buckling of column happens rarely,poor quality or workmanship if we reinforce steel 75% out of 100%, structure will not collapse immediately in tension member or compression member



by Mandar Naravane, Freelancer/Consultant  | 03 22 2010 05:01:34 +0000

Is there necessity to revise standards or more focus on implementing them?

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curruption is big reponsible factor for building collaps

idea posted by SUMIT TRIPATHI Project Architect, Larsen & Toubro Limited
In india most of big projects are under goverment area...and every body is currupted.For money they are ignoring to use quality products, to use quality engineers,material testing..etc...
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I agree the main reasons are corruption , leading to compromised construction , but where does the buck stop?

idea posted by Mini M Fowler Chief Architect, Fowler and Fowler
If the government stopped asking for bribes , like children asking for candy , the overheads on contractors and builders would be minimised by far. Proffessional Integrity should be practised at all levels , whether building for the poor or for the rich
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new idea

idea posted by Kothapalli Srinivasa rao QA & QC Engg
I too agree that, but also main reason is Poor Quality assurance is given by higher authority.
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Aqueous-based photoresist drying technology

idea posted by Anjali Bhatia Construction-Heavy, Sobha Developers

In many western countries a supercritical drying process was developed to eliminate the capillary forces naturally present during normal drying of photo resist materials. Supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2), organic solvents and surfactants were used to prevent the collapse of high-aspect-ratio structures. And this has increased the strength of the structure and helps in preventing structure collapse.

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