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Started by : Praveen Asthana, Team Lead, Wipro   12 19 2008 08:30:27 +0000
Industry : Industrial Products/Heavy MachineryFunctional Area : Infrastructure(Technology)
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With Raw Material prices going north wards over the last few years has put continuous pressure on the manufacturer to reduce material waste.

Reducing material waste means more profits, greater resource efficiency.

But how can they reduce material waste ??

Any ideas !

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1 Planning
2 Reusing items
4 By having a look at the Inventory
5 Reduce
6 use the waste mterial to produce other mtrl
7 Close process control and control on quality parameters
8 By viewing the const.material in terms of curency and eatable items
9 clubing
10 Target the origin
11 recycl or reuse or optimise
12 To reduce Material Waste
13 idia by vijay kirajantanavar
14 Training & Development of Workers
15 to improve quality
17 proper planning & minimumum of material
18 By Analyizing each step involved in process.


idea posted by suresh.R assistant manager, craftsman automation p ltd

To plan the Key materials in top priority.

Then to list the materials in Descending order.(Mandatry items wise)


by jairaj shyam prasad, Production Manager, BOSCH Ltd  | 03 16 2009 12:37:31 +0000

i think first of all there should be a firm FMEA to be conducted for any process.By that we can avoid repair and defect cost will come down.Systematic rhythm in inflow of pre-parts for further process will constitute less burden on payments and lean management methods can avoid material waste.

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Reusing items

idea posted by Pradeep Narayanan Project Lead, Sasken

I think reusing the items is one of the way to reduce the cost and to stop waste because it avoids that item's entry in the waste collection and disposal system.

If manufacture can reuse the material by avoided an entry in the waste disposal system they can increase profits to great number. 

by SGGP , bd  | 09 23 2009 11:04:42 +0000

Recycling the material is the best option to reduce the waste. It is Eco friendly process too.

by pv.vijayabhanu , General Manager, BIC Logistics Ventures  | 09 23 2009 06:30:06 +0000

I beg to differ with Mr Manik Sood.In every walk of life,leave alone in industries we can see item which could have reused or replaced with reusable items. For Eg in industry, let it be any type,we can replace packings from wood/corrugate  boxes to recyclable cartons and or bins.

our shoping carry bags are best ex.for a change to reusable jute/cloth bags.

by M Sood, Manager, HCL  | 01 05 2009 06:55:42 +0000

Reusage is not applicable in all industries. But if possible, it is a worthful activity.

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idea posted by Rajesh Khanna Accounts Manager

Well issuance of material through job cards help a lot for dropping material waste ratio. First plan the production of next day by today evening after that creat job cards for material needed for that production as per Bill of Material of that item. Next morning stores will issue material for production according to that job card, because of limited material production people also work carefully because they know if they waste the material then it is not possible to meet the day target. at the end of the day you also check the planned v/s actual production. if production is less than planned production then ask them for remaining material. After some days definately u find improvement.

by Rajesh Khanna, Accounts Manager  | 04 08 2009 17:30:27 +0000

Jyoti if u read my idea again u will find that job cards are related with a particular job. Availability of Material in stores and issuance as per job cards are two seperate things. Planned stores have always maintained minimum level of inventory. ummmm if u have additional orders or wanna fast the production process then supervisor of that job request to issue extra material required for additional job to stores as per new /amended job card. thanx for your argument. keep it up....

by Jyoti Rath, Sr. Associate, Barclays  | 04 08 2009 07:23:04 +0000

Mr.Rajesh i like your idea of Job Cards and as you said it will make sure that there is no wastage because of the lmited availability of raw material and also helps to check the actual production vs planned production.

But what about a situation where in emergency you suddenly need to increase your production line but you don't have the extra material to do so.

by mbhingnekar , Head/VP/GM-Production/Manufacturing, mahagenco,maharashtra  | 04 03 2009 13:07:17 +0000

I agree .

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By having a look at the Inventory

idea posted by Praveen Asthana Team Lead, Wipro
I have noticed fewer times that when a company requires raw materials they over order the amount of material required. Which leads to increase in material waste.

Excess inventory level should be analyzed before ordering raw materials. Inventory analysis can reduce the unnecessary cost by eliminating the need for excessive inventory,warehouse and equipment space, etc.

by pv.vijayabhanu , General Manager, BIC Logistics Ventures  | 09 23 2009 06:19:05 +0000

I agree to the very concept of reduction of inventory both wanted and unwanted material.Supply chain management and Vendor Managed Inventory is the best solution available in the country now.The concept is 'do not produce more than required and do not stock if it is not required for the day'

by Manish Kaushik, PM, Infosys  | 02 17 2009 11:13:23 +0000

Yes many companies over order the material required to fullfil the order, the company should make sure that the they don't order raw materials. Lean manufacturing can eliminate such unnecessary waste/cost.

by Mahender Singh, Project Lead, IBM  | 12 19 2008 08:39:18 +0000

Ya most of the companies have huge inventory which is of no use, so its better to check out he inventory before ordering more. I agree that this will surely reduce the cost and increasing the profit.

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idea posted by M Sood Manager, HCL
Reduce the usage of unwanted activities that add no value to the product/service cost. It is a fact that during the manufacturing of a product, 80 percent of the processing time goes in non value adding activities. If in manufacturing cycle, 50 percent is the value adding time and 50 is for non value adding activities, then you are a world class company.
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use the waste mterial to produce other mtrl

idea posted by janak Design Engineer, uniproduct

ya there r a lot of ideas regrding to that problem

like . Use the waste of  one componet to produce other one if using a wlldefine possible to reduce the unnecessary waste of material etc .

also its depends upon the type of material u are using.


by ajibola o. williams, Woprkshop manager, Bmj transwork  | 02 06 2010 15:02:33 +0000

Let us all as a manufacturer,material users,engineers have the concept of recycling.nothing like wastage...a waste in one company may be a good raw material in another factory....all we need is high level of interconnectivity in terms of material sourcing.usage of material must go inline with good design and accurate measurement.

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Close process control and control on quality parameters

idea posted by Prakash Saitwal Technical Support Manager, Aditya Birla Management Corporation P. Ltd.

Close process control will eliminate process waste, eliminate rejection within stipulated limits and optimiza product quality.

In addition to reducing material waste, this will also enhance finished product value.

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By viewing the const.material in terms of curency and eatable items

idea posted by SATYANARAYANA KOTTU Manager Planning & QS, APR PROJECTS PVT.LTD

One cft of aggregate will cost Rs.10 to Rs.40. One will pick a one rupee coin from ground and at the same time no const. team member will consider the Rs.40 worth aggregate which is getting wasted by mixing in the ground. We prepare food in proper vessels but why don't many construction firms use proper vessels & plot forms to keep raw  material and while using.

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idea posted by ananthsubramanian cam engineer, mastercraft engineers pvt, ltd

culb the insetrs with similar type fo inserts, it has reduce more material

this under planning

by Nitin Pawar, Production officer, Reliable Autotech Pvt Ltd  | 09 19 2009 07:31:38 +0000

By improving material yield (% use of raw material per part ) by means of operation combination , by improoving lay outs etc

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Target the origin

idea posted by Anees A.Quraishi Factory Head, Time Technoplast Ltd.

Practically there are two sorts of wastages:1) complete waste and 2) Recyclable waste.


1)      Target the origin: 80% of the waste generation is due to the machine, 10% is due to inefficient manpower/management and 10% is due to faulty process.


2)      If it is compulsory/byproduct, see possibly it can be used in the end of your job worker/ancillary manufacturing unit.


3)      Find possibility to reuse it in house. It can be recycle directly or can be with adding some material or process.


4)      Keep proper track record of the waste control.


5)      Aware the sub ordinate about waste control pin point the generation source and appreciate who come with new ideas to consume it.

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recycl or reuse or optimise

idea posted by srinivasulu gudipati QA/QC Engineer, Emirates Glass LLC

Firstly good optimisation, use as recycle, find simple solutions to produce product from the waste.

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To reduce Material Waste

idea posted by Navin Singh GET, Tvs Motor

First to reduce Material Waste improve quality . Always follow pre check & post check. Use J.H. rutten.

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idia by vijay kirajantanavar

idea posted by vijay_kirajantanavar customer support &excecutive engineer, behr india ltd
reduce proccess rejection
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Training & Development of Workers

idea posted by prakashraj kumavat MBA/PGDM student, Omegan School of Business (ICFAI Tripura)

Material efficiency doesn't meet its quality until unless you train your workers. The Reusing items, Job cards, Inventory management etc. can be maintained by training to the staff. 

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to improve quality

idea posted by anmol MBA/PGDM Alumunus, Thapar Inst Of Engineering & Technology, Patiala

by using proper method and implemeting the techniques of total quality management any company can reduce wastage

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idea posted by rahul sharma manufacturing executive, ITC LIMITED

most of the time in industries we come across instances where we do not put effort to actually measure the wastage,which should be done on top priority and should be displayed on shop floor boldly.this will reflect real need and sense of material conservation. 

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proper planning & minimumum of material

idea posted by meshram chetan Diploma student, fr agnel technical college

we can reduce waste material by planning .we also make use of waste material for mking the product

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By Analyizing each step involved in process.

idea posted by Yogesh Kumar Facility Manager, Services 24X7

The ordering of material as per the priority and issuance of the material with job cards can give a substantial amount of reduction in waste material. In addition to it the process should be studied deeply and take a note of every step of it, so that material under process have minimum amount of wastage. By this method the production waste will be lesser as well as it will improve process timing and quality.

by Ajay Kashyap, Project Manager, Polaris Software  | 09 15 2009 11:00:44 +0000

I agree with Mr.Yogesh.If each and every step involved in the process has been analysed and supervised timely, lots of wastes will be reduced as it will help in proper utilisation of available resources...

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