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Bharatiya Loktantrik Yuva Bal

Started by : M Sood, Manager, HCL   12 31 2012 10:40:33 +0000
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1 Alcohol & other similar intoxicants should be completely banned

Alcohol & other similar intoxicants should be completely banned

idea posted by M Sood Manager, HCL

In 1893, one day Swami Vivekananda was walking down a street in Chicago clad in two pieces of untailored saffron cloth. At that time this was a strange sight in America. A lady who was walking on the same street saw Swamiji, and said to her husband: “I don’t think this man is a gentleman.” Swami Vivekananda, who overheard her remark, walked up to her and politely said: “Excuse me Madam, in your country the tailor makes a man gentleman; but in my country, character makes man a gentleman.” Gentleman is as gentleman does – it is not about what he is wearing.

Political parties emphasizing on banning skirts, tops or jeans don't realize that it's not the appearance of a girl which provoke rapists but the character of a person or fear of law which prevents crimes.

Similarly, one big suggestion which I want to give here is that if government is really interested in decreasing the crime rate in India, the first step will should be - People should not be allowed to come out of their homes after getting drunk. Taverns and other liquor selling shops must be penalized heavily if people sit there and have liquor. 75% of the crimes against women happen due to drunken men coming in contact with women / girls. Take it as Nirbhaya rape case or recent incident of 16 years old molestation in DTC bus, the culprits were drunk.

Government should punish the persons who found drunk on road by sending him to jail for one month. Similarly, persons after getting drunk should not be allowed to travel through buses even.

Second step of preventing crimes will be banning liquor thoroughly throughout the country. You take it as home violence against women or people broking in to house for raping some women / girl will be found drunk always.

Long time back, when India was called as "Golden Bird" or "Sone ki Chiriya", the English analyzed that why India is progressing so much. They found that there is only one reason that why this is happening: Indians don't take any intoxicants

Therefore, they hit India on its backbone by making liquor and intoxicants consumption as a habit of Indians.

We need to learn from our past and from recent painful present faced by Nirbhaya. It’s time for the government to take action and for us to stand for reform in systems of India, otherwise future will be witness of more and more nirbhayas dying because of rapes.

by M Sood, Manager, HCL  | 01 09 2013 06:17:59 +0000

Dear Mr. Murthy, Laws exist but all culprits get away from these as our system is totally corrupt and faulty. So no doubt enforcement is required but why don't stop the crimes at the "Mind Stage"? I am sure that government will not make any law against alcoholic drinks because it is earning revenue from taxes on alcohol. Misery is that qualified people are ruled by illiterate politicians.

by Suryanarayan Murthy, Project Finance Advisor, Credit Line  | 01 09 2013 06:07:22 +0000

I am impressed by your post. The point is there are laws of all kinds in India. But who will enforce them???? We are interested in finding a loop hole in the law or bribe the police and get away. Enforcement is the need of the hour.

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