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Banking & Insurance Professionals

Started by : Rohit Khanna, Project Leader/Managing Consultant, Accenture   11 06 2008 09:55:21 +0000
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You can have every product that your customers could possibly want, but if you don't treat your customers well, then you can rest assure that you are not going anywhere in the sense you can say goodbye to it. It has been said that it costs more to acquire or to get new customers than maintaining the existing customers. So pitch in your ideas here...

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1 Give your customers the right kind of direction that he/she is looking for.
2 Give real figures to customer when talking about interests
3 Give Importance to Customers Relation with Bank
4 Make Great Service a Priority
5 Free Creedit and debit cards for bonafide customer
6 Provide best customer service and make the customer feel at home

Give your customers the right kind of direction that he/she is looking for.

idea posted by Manoj K Branch Manager/Regional Manager, Development Credit Bank Ltd

Three Golden Rules to remember in Retail Banking Customer Service.

1. Customers walk in to the bank with a simple specific objective. Identify that simple need and respond efficiently donot complicate them.

2. Pay undivided attention while your customer is narrating his needs or a service issue. Be a problem solver and not an exdcuse-finder.

3. Learn to say 'No' to your customer in retail banking. If your product doesnot suit the requirement that customer is not yours. Instead saying 'Yes' and 'trying' will often create 'bad blood' 

The above pointers answer the question why even in a fiercely competitive environment, flooded with so many players in few square kilometers, customers love to walk in to that particular branch bank, even if anywhere banking exists and that particular branch rakes in the 'moolah'.

by lalit shriram raut, Freelancer, Freelancer  | 09 22 2009 10:50:10 +0000

Hi I totally agree with Manoj. The customer has to do a very defined business with banks and if banks  understands the requirment and provide the needed services instead of makking it complicated, customer is going to come to the same bank and stay with it as these banks are fulfilling his wishes in easy and better manner.

by Paresh Dhembare, Area Sales Manager, ICICI Bank Ltd  | 09 21 2009 07:40:48 +0000

A competitive environment and a deregulated market have made it imperative for banks to harness the best customer oriented practices and perceptions and to internalize them for providing added value to the customers through the employees. Managers should become more aware of their role and provide the staff with adequate training in order to offer a consistently high standard of customer service.

The dominant question bothering the bank managements today is how to improve customer service and gain competitive advantage. "The products are almost the same; however, it is the service that distinguishes one bank from the other". The real experiences of customers with banks in receiving various services vary greatly, because of the widening gap between what is supposed to be and what actually is. A customer mostly expects ability to provide what was promised dependably and accurately. A customer wants to be assured of the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey confidence. A customer also expects caring and individual concern.

by C Nijagunaradhya, Civil Engg, B'lore  | 08 14 2009 16:24:52 +0000

CUSTOMER IS YOUR KING!........... Proper clear guidance is what a customer basically wants as soon as he enters the bank.

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Give real figures to customer when talking about interests

idea posted by Roberta Biffi Sales Support Manager / Strategic Account manager

Usually customers want to really know how much something is going to cost or how much they are going to earn. In Banks, many rates are involved when calculating these amounts, and usually expectations aren't matched by reality. The best service is the one that can provide the exact number.

by Anym , Leading Change, Current  | 01 07 2010 04:18:45 +0000

Agree with all the points cited by Manoj, but I still dont see all this happening.  All the banks know what exactly is to be done but it is somehow not executed properly. 

So may be people here on this forum in the banking field can initiate and forward it to pertinent management level for some action to be taken.

by TARUN KUMAR, Investment Advisor, Kotak Mahindra  | 08 14 2009 16:18:11 +0000

The best part of your skill is knowledge. You must have complete knowledge of your product....which can give us expertise to meet customer need.

Before saying NO we need to guide customer about product features which is very near to his requirement.

Because sometime client wants to use your services at maximum possible way but if you say NO before suggesting him better way to utilise the resource he will go to another service provider.

So knowledge is best part to help to retain your customer.

by Ramdas Pawar, Sales/BD Manager, Flex  | 04 15 2009 06:43:11 +0000

Mr.Roberta i definitely agree to your view.If the bank is transparent in providing the service to the customers then that will go a long way in improving the relationship among them.When they are issuing loans then they should clearly specify the rate of interest they have to pay and also advice them as how they can repay that according to their convenience.They should not be reluctant to provide best service to the customers and to direct them as how they can be benefitted most.

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Give Importance to Customers Relation with Bank

idea posted by prakashraj kumavat MBA/PGDM student, Omegan School of Business (ICFAI Tripura)

As customers are the KING in any Industry. It is important to give importance to each & every customers equally. Though there are segments of customers according to their transactions, assets with the bank but Bank should not ignore other customers or low transaction customers. Bank should provide customize services to the customers as PRIVATE Banks are providing. There is vast difference between the services of Private Banks & Commercial Banks. Private banks are more customer Conscious & providing customize services to their customers like Monthly Transactions Statement, E-Banking Tele-Banking other Value Added Services but the Commercial Banks are not upto the mark if we think customer services point of view. 

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Make Great Service a Priority

idea posted by Rohit Khanna Project Leader/Managing Consultant, Accenture
Making great service a priority is the foremost thing that should be happening in banking sectors because when banks are having this as a priority then the customer will be more satisfied with the products that you are having and associate with them.
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Free Creedit and debit cards for bonafide customer

idea posted by Subroto Sarkar Freelancer, Management & Strategy Consulting

Retired people keep their life savings. Young generation keep their saving in bank. If cheque facility/withdrawal facility is used bank incurs expenditure quite a lot. Use of ATM,Debit Card and Credit card reduces all such work. Yet for ATM and Debit card bank charges users fee. Credit card is not open to all. You need three years income tax rerurn which means you must be a tax payer ie is income more than 8000 pm. For retired people it is a dream. Instead bank can keep one of their fixed deposit as security and allow 75% of it as withdrwable credit. Alternatively the monthly interest amount can be kept as limit so that on 1st Bank can dedut the drawings before crediting the balance interest amount. This will save a lot of time money and harassment to us the retired people.

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Provide best customer service and make the customer feel at home

idea posted by Sekar Ramamurthy Project Manager, UST Global

Most often than not, clients have the tendency to feel tensed up when entering the banking hall. In my experience of 20 + years, I have seen different people reacting differently when they are at the banking counters. I used to make it a point to ask the clients to sit and relax and then enquire into their nature of service they were looking for and guide them to the correct officials. I had several clients who wanted to talk to me first before going to the respective counters. They always felt that their requests would be taken care of when they talked to me. Even if I had to reject their request owing to technical reasons, they would gladly accept that. At the end of the day, I always used to feel that I had done a good day's work!

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