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Started by : Christian Anews, Product/Brand Manager, Videocon Inds   11 03 2008 12:19:24 +0000
Industry : Consumer DurablesFunctional Area : Gadgets(Personal Interests)
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Apple has released its Gadget with its full fledged features,high technology but still the users want some features to be added and enhanced.So in this forum lets take the opinion of the iphone users like what more functions or enhancement they need.

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1 The camera pixels to be increased
2 Physical Keypad

The camera pixels to be increased

idea posted by Christian Anews Product/Brand Manager, Videocon Inds
The existing iphone come with a 2 MP (mega pixel) camera which certainly less for a second photographer. I think the camera Pixels should be increased and with this minimal range we cannot capture high quality snaps and it should also have a flash feature associated with the camera.
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Physical Keypad

idea posted by Omkar Deshpande Product/Brand Manager, Mirc Electronics
I feel the Apple Inc should try to accommodate a simple & sleek keypad as an alternative for navigation.Though the technology is high and we have faith in Apple's products but still we need a Physical keypad so that if something goes wrong with its touch screen sensors we always have an alternative to still navigate.
by Omkar Deshpande, Product/Brand Manager, Mirc Electronics  | 11 06 2008 05:45:26 +0000

Here is an interesting presentation by a design firm on "How people really use the iPhone". This also reveals many insights...

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